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The Club High Achievers Club is for you the big dreamer, goal getter, ceiling breaker, trailblazer, and quota crusher. You want unstoppable success without sacrificing your sanity. Yet, you find yourself juggling exhausting workdays, managing family affairs, and giving everything in your life more than you give yourself.

Imagine being able to pursue your lofty goals and prioritize your health, wealth, relationships, and happiness at the same time. The High Achievers Club will give you the tools you need to breakup with burnout cycles, prioritize yourself so you can thrive personally and professionally, and earn more money than you ever have!

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Episode 1: From Minimum Wage Dollar Store Employee to Six Figure Sales Executive 

Welcome to the inaugural first episode of The High Achievers Club hosted by Becca Power.

Tune in to learn more about Becca and her journey from working in a dollar store to earning six figures as a sales executive. 

Quote from this episode: ‘‘I do think people are very taboo when it comes to money. And I think it's important. To talk about money, not in the sense of being braggy, but being in the sense of it's okay to want to make money.’’

Released: 5/5/2022

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Episode 2: The Cost of Compromise

In this episode, Becca talks about the costs of compromise and what you need to consider so you can consciously choose what you want to compromise on rather than compromising on autopilot. 

Do you find yourself prioritizing time with your family or yourself because of your career?  In this episode, you will learn: 

  • How the compromises Becca made in her career led to overcompensating in other areas of her life 
  • The danger of sacrificing yourself for the sake of others
  • The defining moment that changed everything for Becca 

Released: 5/5/2022

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Episode 3: Success Without Sacrifice  

In this episode, Becca talks about what it could look like to live a life where you’re successful without sacrificing what’s important to you. In this episode, you will learn: 

  • What changed for Becca when she decided to prioritize her life in a different way
  • The power of saying no to others and making space for your true passions
  • How your limiting beliefs can hold you back from truly experiencing the life that you want 

Released: 5/5/2022

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Episode 4: Guts, Glitter & Grandma

Becca dedicates this episode to her admirable grandma with all her guts and glitter which encouraged Becca to go after everything she wanted in life but without sacrifice. It was her grandmother who built her foundations in life and motivated her to become a high achiever. Take Inspiration From These Lessons:

  • We need to feel like we belong to something in order to really rise and thrive in life.
  • You can dream, but then you also need to take action.
  • It's important to pay respect to the people who have paved the path for us to have these bad-ass careers and a place at the table.

Released: 5/19/2022

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Episode 5: Breaking Down Success

In this episode, Becca will discuss the 4 primary departments in life and how to define success at each department level.  She share valuable inputs about success and how she views success at this point in her life. Take Inspiration From These Lessons:


  • Measuring success should help us evaluate ourselves, we have to make sure that attaining success should not compromise our human relationships department, health, and wellness, profession, and purpose.
  • We have to stay at the top of the priority list in our lives. It's just what we have to do to really thrive and stay alive.
  • We have to consider what success means to us, then start building that standard for ourselves, and move in that direction.

Released: 6/2/2022

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Episode 6: Uncovering the Five Stages of Burnout

In this episode, Becca enumerates the five stages of burnout and how they are interrelated. As someone who has a good grip on burnout and is certified in trauma awareness, she goes on to share valuable inputs about how early detection of burnout can save you from devastating effects! Take Inspiration From These Lessons: 

  • When dealing with shadows in our lives we tend to overcompensate as a way to hide, so others don’t think we are unworthy. Because what we all truly want is our value to be seen and validated.
  • The five stages of burnout are recognizing the unders, and overs.
  • It is the corporation's responsibility to provide a work environment that helps their employees thrive.

Released: 6/16/2022

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Episode 7: How to Identify Stage 1 of Burnout: The "Unders"

In this episode, Becca sheds light on the first stage of burnout, the “unders” and how it leads into the next stages. She shares some examples that trigger the “unders” by providing real-life scenarios. She also helps people evaluate themselves using a rating scale to know if they are experiencing burnout. Hence, early detection is the best prevention for burnout. Take Inspiration From These Lessons: 

  • People get into the overs of burnout when they learn how to put the mask on or to show up differently just to get the acceptance and validation that they are seeking.
  • Admitting that you are experiencing burnout is not a sign of weakness, instead, it shows your courage to overcome burnout.
  • Burnout is not something that we should power through or tolerate. We should not dwell over burnout all the time, we have to realize that there is a whole big life out there and learn to be alive.

Released: 6/30/2022

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Episode 8: Take Your Power Back with Gina McCarthy

This episode features a fellow powerhouse, Gina McCarthy, a resilient soul with a High Achievers mindset with the same badass culture. A crucial career pivot led her to move past her own “unders” that were stirring the dark waters that would lead to burnout - and increased her salary by more than 35% in the process! Take Inspiration From These Lessons: 

  • Choosing to receive and process outside criticism and comments as either positive, irrelevant, or just simply untrue.
  • Allowing herself to feel motivated and inspired again by what she’s doing
  • Avoid the need to give loyalty to people who don’t reciprocate it.

Released: 7/14/2022

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Episode 9: Stop Overcompensating, Start Living

In this episode, Becca will dive deeper into some of the things we overdo that may cause burnout and ultimately hinder us from giving our best and living life to the fullest. Take Inspiration From These Lessons: 

  • Success is possible without sacrificing your well-being. Actually, unstoppable success is on the other side of prioritizing yourself. – Becca Powers
  • The more times you say yes to yourself,  the more confident you will become  that this is the way to be. – Becca Powers
  • What if you are feeling the “overs”,  what can you do?... Assess and admit that things might be either off track or getting off track. – Becca Powers

Released: 7/28/2022

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Episode 10: The Kind of Success That Truly Matters with Jessie Andres

Striking a balance between ‘doing’ and ‘being’ is always easier said than done. When we have a lot on our plates and the demands of life become so overwhelming, we sometimes sacrifice our mental health and we risk losing time for our loved ones. In this episode, our guest shares about her personal struggles in juggling and achieving the things she needed to do, the career she wanted to pursue, and the person she wanted to become. Wisdom To Live By: 

  • One of the greatest gifts that you could give your kids is time. – Jessie Andres
  • For me,  sitting down at your desk for ten hours or eight hours is not healthy. – Jessie Andres
  • My best work and my best outcome is when I am all in.           – Jessie Andres

Released: 8/11/2022

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Episode 11: Stage 3 of Burnout: Questioning Belonging

In this episode, let’s talk more about stage 3 of burnout which is called “questioning belonging”, understand what happens to our minds and bodies at this stage, and take note of tips on how to navigate through this ordeal. Take Inspiration From These Lessons:


  • Change by far  is one of the scariest things for people. The unknown on the other side of change keeps people stuck.” – Becca Powers
  • “We were meant to thrive. You were born to rise. You were born with potential. You were born  with a dream. You were born with a mission.  You were born to be alive. And when we don't feel alive,  our bodies are talking to us through [those] signs.” – Becca Powers
  • “The biggest boundary that you can have is the boundary with yourself.” – Becca Powers

Released: 8/25/2022

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Episode 12: When Questioning Belonging Leads to Quiet Quitting with Adam Hommey

In this episode, special guest, Adam Hommey brilliantly explains the experiences and perspectives of people who go through the burnout phase of questioning their belonging and have simply settled with stability and compliance with rules and others’ expectations. We have to analyze the intentions within and the reasons behind actions that hinder people from attaining a more solid and deeper level of success. Wisdom to Live By:

  • “Your malcontents are some of your company's greatest assets. They can shed light on your opportunities for growth, which could be your opportunities for success if simply addressed.” – Adam Hommey 
  • “A danger zone for you is when a malcontent stops speaking up but they're still there.” – Adam Hommey
  • “If they're complaining, they're selling, right? Because they're engaged, they're passionate, and something's going on. And the moment someone is silent and they're doing their job just well enough that they're not ending up on a spreadsheet somewhere and they're just flying under the radar, that's when you got to be concerned because something's going on.” – Becca Powers

Released: 9/8/2022

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Episode 13: Stage 4 of Burnout: Disharmony in the Bodies

In this episode, Becca talks further about another stage of burnout called "disharmony in the bodies." After going through the under, the overs, and questioning belonging, what happens next, and how do our bodies respond and attempt to cope with stress and burnout? 


  •  Our bodies contain 80% of our innate wisdom, not our brains.
  • When the aches and pains of our bodies are dismissed whether it be the clenching of the jaw, the tension in the shoulders, or the constant indigestion our bodies respond with anxiety, worry, and hopelessness. 
  • "Practice the pause; connect with your mind, body, and soul." - Becca Powers

Released: 9/22/2022

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Episode 14: Burnout Conversations: With Me All Along with Katy Bosso

 In this episode, Katy Bosso inspires us with her insights about finding an alignment with our mental, physical, and spiritual state to avoid reaching a point of disharmony within ourselves. Take Inspiration From These Lessons: 

  • “We heal through relationships with people; we heal through support.” – Katy Bosso
  • “The relationships that you surround yourself with can make or break your health.” – Katy Bosso
  • “People are looking for  so many cures everywhere and everything, and they go to all these different doctors. But a lot of the time, your wisdom is within you. It's been with you all along.” – Katy Bosso

Released: 10/6/2022

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Episode 15: Stage 5 Burnout: The Devastation of the Ds

In this episode, we wrap up this series by talking about the last stage—Stage 5: Devastations of the Ds. In the previous episodes, we learned that burnout might feel something like exhaustion. But it’s more than that. So understand what stage 5 is like as you tune in to this episode. Take Inspiration From These Lessons:


  • “It was a monumental mountain of cleanup that I had to do, but at the same time, it was totally worth it because on the other side of burnout was my best life.” – Becca Powers
  • “With understanding comes awareness. And with awareness, we can create change. Awareness is always the key to change.” – Becca Powers
  • “Give yourself permission to prioritize your wellbeing.” – Becca Powers

Released: 10/20/2022

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