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The High Achievers Club is for you - the big dreamer, goal getter, ceiling breaker, trailblazer, and quota crusher.

You want unstoppable success without sacrificing your sanity. Yet, you find yourself juggling  exhausting workdays, managing family affairs, and giving everything in your life more than you give yourself. Imagine being able to pursue your lofty goals and prioritize your health, wealth, relationships, and happiness at the same time.

The High Achievers Club will give you the tools you need to breakup with burnout cycles, prioritize yourself so you can thrive personally and professionally, and earn more money than you ever have!

You will learn from your host Becca Powers, a variety of experts, sales leaders, corporate executives, and other high achievers how you can experience skyrocketing success without sacrifice and live a life that’s freaking amazing!

The High Achievers Club Podcast is LIVE!!!

Episodes Now Available...

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Episode 1: From Minimum Wage Dollar Store Employee to Six Figure Sales Executive 

Welcome to the inaugural first episode of The High Achievers Club hosted by Becca Power.

Tune in to learn more about Becca and her journey from working in a dollar store to earning six figures as a sales executive. 

Quote from this episode: ‘‘I do think people are very taboo when it comes to money. And I think it's important. To talk about money, not in the sense of being braggy, but being in the sense of it's okay to want to make money.’’

Released: 5/5/2022

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Episode 2: The Cost of Compromise

Do you find yourself prioritizing time with your family or yourself because of your career?  

In this episode, Becca talks about the costs of compromise and what you need to consider so you can consciously choose what you want to compromise on rather than compromising on autopilot. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • How the compromises Becca made in her career led to overcompensating in other areas of her life 
  • The danger of sacrificing yourself for the sake of others
  • The defining moment that changed everything for Becca 

Quote from this episode: ‘‘There's a cost to packaging ourselves or presenting ourselves smaller than we are, or making ourselves fit into someone else's request of how we should be.’’

Released: 5/5/2022

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Episode 3: Success Without Sacrifice

What would life look like for you if you were able to prioritize the things that were important to you?  

In this episode, Becca talks about what it could look like to live a life where you’re successful without sacrificing what’s important to you. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • What changed for Becca when she decided to prioritize her life in a different way
  • The power of saying no to others and making space for your true passions
  • How your limiting beliefs can hold you back from truly experiencing the life that you want 

Quote from this episode: ‘‘The more I said no to other people and said yes to myself, the more time and space created in my life.’’

Released: 5/5/2022

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Episode 4: Guts, Glitter & Grandma

Who inspires you to be the best version of yourself? Most of us have that one person who we look up to and admire. One person who inspires us, molds us, and influences us into who we are now.

Becca dedicates this episode to her admirable grandma with all her guts and glitter which encouraged Becca to go after everything she wanted in life but without sacrifice. It was her grandmother who built her foundations in life and motivated her to become a high achiever.

Take Inspiration From These Lessons:

  • We need to feel like we belong to something in order to really rise and thrive in life.
  • You can dream, but then you also need to take action.
  • It's important to pay respect to the people who have paved the path for us to have these bad-ass careers and a place at the table.

Quote from this episode: “It takes guts to live the life that you want to live. It takes guts to break the mold, break ceilings, to do your best at things, even when you're tired.”

Released: 5/19/2022

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