You Are the CEO of Your Life. Period. Take Charge and Create a Live You Love on Your Terms!

In a world that makes you feel that you can only have this or that, Harness Your Inner CEO, challenges the status quo by saying you can have this AND that!

As boss of your own enterprise, you can master both your magic and your messy. Get Harness Your Inner CEO for a step-by-step guide to banish burnout and realign yourself to the unbound success and happiness you deserve!

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Are You Bargaining with Yourself?

Meet Gina McCarthy, a Cybersecurity Sales Executive. Gina is a high-achiever and a mother of two - one of them being a toddler. Gina found herself stuck in role that made her compromise her self-worth which directly impacted her net work. Hint: Those two are connected! What Gina released is just because something is good, doesn't mean it's great. Gina decided she was open to exploring new opportunities and almost instantly she found a new job that was a perfect match! Watch this video to hear more on Gina's incredible story!

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Harness Your Inner CEO debuted in October 2021 as an Amazon best seller in Women & Business and Personal Success. Slanted toward women in the workplace, Harness Your Inner CEO, is a motivational personal empowerment guide that gives you the tools you need to become the CEO of your life and create a life you love.

Change begins with bravely looking at your trials and triumphs in the rollercoaster of life - both personally and professionally. Awareness is the key to change and this is step-by-step guide is exactly what you need to feel freakin' fabulous again!  

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Is It Time to Take Charge?

Here are some ways you can tell...

👠You end your days feeling overworked, overextended, and overwhelmed.

👠You are working your butt and missing out on quality time with loved ones,

👠Your success is coming at a cost of your happiness and well-being.

 👠You are juggling exhausting workdays, managing family, and giving your relationship more care than you give yourself.

👠There is no time and space for the things you used to love to do and life is on replay.

👠You said F*ck it a long time ago and settled and now you feel stuck like you just need to suck it up and deal with it.

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Discover The 3 Pillars to Become the CEO of Your Life and Boss It Up!  👠

Creating the career and life of your dreams starts with awareness and then mastery of three game-changing areas of your life: your personal power, your passions, and your prosperity. The biggest mind trick of them all is that success requires you sacrifice everything, and it's just not true!

Personal Power



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Becca Powers

“I had my first $10,000 month. My business thrives when I take charge!”

Entrepreneur, Organic Esthetician

Becca Powers

“I quadrupled my income when I harnessed my inner CEO!”

Vice President, Healthcare Staffing

Becca Powers

“I took my personal power back and feel absolutely fantastic!”

Entrepreneur, Health and Fitness Coach

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Meet the Author

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Becca Powers is Fortune 500 Sales Executive and sought-after keynote speaker. As a personal growth and peak potential expert, best-selling author, kundalini yoga teacher, and podcast host, Becca's work has helped thousands transform their WorkLife stress into their personal best.

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