Burnout Impacts Much More Than Your Mood

98% of working professionals are either in or on the verge of burnout

Surveys show that 69% of working professionals are in active burnout. Another 29% are on the verge of burnout and only 2% are clear of burnout symptoms. Severe burnout impacts the 5 primary areas of well-being: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial

Burnout starts much earlier than most experts talk about. Burnout ignites in feeling unseen, unheard, and like you don't matter. 

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You Can Create a Life You Love, On Your Terms

We often get stuck in burnout and become unsure how to get out of it. This stalemate prevents us from getting to that next level in our performance, our business, our dreams, and in our lives because we are overworking, overcommitting, and overstressing. What if the answer to living the life of your dreams started with prioritizing yourself, your health, and your well-being? 

Becca's books and podcasts are an excellent way to say HELL YES to you and learn to live the life you were meant to. Stop feeling stuck and start living your best life today - on your terms!

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Becca Powers is a sought-after WorkLife and Burnout Expert. As a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and podcast host, Becca's work has helped thousands transform their WorkLife stress into their personal best!

Working for large enterprises such as Cisco, Dell, and Office Depot, Becca has earned 7 president clubs' for over-achieving quota and led her largest team of 110 people to revenue targets of over $500 million. In pursuit of next level success, Becca came head to head with extreme burnout and nearly lost it all.

Rising victoriously from the ashes of despair, she discovered that success and happiness can co-exist. Becca now empowers high achievers, dream chasers, and organizations to create a career and life they absolutely love. She teaches how to have a WorkLife where both the individual and the business thrives!

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We Were Never Taught How to Create a WorkLife That Thrives

In the pursuit of success and advancing our careers, we often lose touch with ourselves. We come across long days, bad bosses, and not enough coffee. Before you know it, you're stuck in the hamster wheel of work and life and you don't know how to get out. The problem is - we were never taught how to create a WorkLife that thrives and feels good!

Becca's signature programs go all-in and teaches organizations, large groups, and big dreamers alike how they can have it all - unstoppable success and a personal life that thrives - without sacrificing their well-being.

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Unstoppable Success and Happiness CAN Co-Exist!


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Becca's signature programs have resulted in boosted revenue, increased employee retention, return to passions, promotions, more joy, improved health, and so much more!

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From the former president of Starbucks to c-suite executives to program managers to high achievers, Becca's praise for her ability to foster WorkLife success for individual's and their teams to transform is off the charts!