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Radical Results from Real People

Whether you are a high-achiever, sales manager, senior leader, or corporate program manager you are seeking real results. We all have limited time with our busy schedules. Each encounter we have taps into our precious energy supply. Our experiences either leave us feeling drained and like time was wasted - or it energizes us and inspires us to take positive action. Becca is all about maximizing each engagement for empowered transformations. Becca provides clarity and direction for the teams and individuals she works with.  Step-by-step, Becca shares proven programs to help you or your audience rise into peak potential - without the cost of compromise. Check out this short video to hear some radical results from real clients.

Ravings Fans

Becca Powers

“My business thrives, when I thrive!”

Entrepreneur, Organic Esthetician

Becca Powers

“Putting myself first has changed my life”

Regional Sales Manager, Healthcare Staffing

Becca Powers

“Dreams came true!”

Entrepreneur, Health and Fitness Coach

Becca's Best-Seller, Harness Your Inner CEO

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Harness Your Inner CEO  debuted in October 2021 as an Amazon best seller in Women & Business and Personal Success. Slanted toward women in the workplace, Harness Your Inner CEO, is a motivational personal empowerment guide that gives you the tools you need to become the CEO of your life and create a life you love.

As you become CEO of your life, you will be able to rise into your personal power, reignite your passions, and relish in the prosperity you deserve.

Change begins within...Becca bravely shares her trials and triumphs as she navigates the rollercoaster of life - both personally and professionally. Her story is written in such a way that it inspires you to apply the lessons learned to your own life. Resulting in an epic transformation!

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