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Harness Your Inner CEO

Harness Your Inner CEO debuted in the top 10 of Women in Business and Personal Success on it's release date October 13th 2021. Harness Your Inner CEO illustrates Becca's journey from a toxic work environment, stress at home, and emotional rock bottom to living a thriving, prosperous life. With this practical yet spiritual guide for women in business, empower the confident CEO within and love life again with unstoppable prosperity and passion – without sacrificing yourself.

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The Breakup with Burnout Blueprint, Short E-Book

The Breakup with Burnout Blueprint is a short e-book that helps you understand and overcome workplace burnout. The Breakup with Burnout Blueprint is the precursor to Becca's next book, Breakup with Burnout, due out in late 2023. In this short e-book you will find Becca's workplace burnout survey results from over 8,000 working professionals, insight into The 5 Stages of Burnout, and 5 Steps to Breakup with Burnout.

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