Let Your Inner CEO Take the Wheel of Your Career with Becca Powers

Let Your Inner CEO Take the Wheel of Your Career

Here’s a question for you: are you in the driver’s seat of your career and life? Do you have your hands firmly on the wheel, and you’re heading toward your best life?

Or are you looking in the rearview mirror, wondering how you got here, and unclear what direction to take? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Our next guest, Becca Powers, a powerhouse of motivation, an award-winning author, and a kundalini yoga teacher, brings us her expertise in career and personal growth. Having engaged Fortune 500 giants like Dell, Cisco, and Royal Caribbean with her captivating keynotes and workshops, Becca is here to help you become the CEO of your life.

Discover how Becca’s journey from facing a tragic loss to thriving as a careered mom can empower you to shatter your limitations. Her experiences, both personal and corporate, serve as valuable lessons for unlocking your boundless potential.

Welcome, Becca! Buckle up as we delve into the secrets of harnessing your inner CEO and embarking on a transformative career and personal growth journey.

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