You CAN Make the Impossible Possible with Mel Vespertine

Episode 17 - APPROVED

When we wholeheartedly embrace our passions and dedicate ourselves to them with unwavering commitment and consistency, we unlock a power within ourselves that has the ability to turn the impossible into the possible. 

The ability and willingness to remember that this transformative journey doesn't happen overnight is life changing. Transformation requires patience, effort, and unwavering perseverance. 

But as the days turn into weeks, and the weeks into months, we start witnessing the remarkable unfolding of our dreams in ways we could have never imagined.

Mel Vespertine graces this episode and shares the extraordinary journey of self-discovery that leads to a more profound understanding of one’s self-worth and self expression. A talented and internationally known tattoo artist, Mel shares how she made one of the biggest sacrifices of leaving the comfort of her own home, her country, her family to walk the path that would lead her to the life she dreams of.

Like Mel, the amazing gift to live our dreams fulfilled is an extraordinary experience that defies the boundaries of what we once believed was possible. It's a testament to our resilience and the remarkable power we hold within ourselves to make the impossible possible. 

Take action now and tune in to discover the secrets of leaning into your passions with unwavering commitment and consistent effort and learn how this powerful combination propels you towards fulfilling your incredible dreams. 

Thoughts to Empower 

  • “Forget about who's judging, because at the end of the day, they're not contributing to anything.” - Mel Vespertine
  • "If you want something really bad, you just give it your hundred percent" - Mel Vespertine
  • "When we lean into our passions and we do it with commitment and consistency over time, it doesn't happen overnight, but over time you start really living your dreams fulfilled, and it's absolutely incredible." – Becca Powers
  • "When you put the time in and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor"  - Mel Vespertine
  • "A lot of people have passions or gifts that they know they have, but they feel maybe society or their family won't accept them." – Becca Powers
  • "It's wonderful when you love what you do." - Mel Vespertine

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Through commitment and dedication, one can transform the impossible into the possible
  • The fruits of your labor become apparent when you invest sufficient time and effort into your endeavors
  • Investing in your passions and maintaining consistency are essential for fulfilling your dreams
  • Focusing on the opinions of others can be a hindrance to personal growth and achievement
  • Loving your work makes it easier to navigate challenges

About Mel Vespertine:

Mel Vespertine is an internationally known tattoo artist who has appeared on the TV show Ink Angels, a spin-off of the popular TV series Ink Masters. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she moved to South Florida to pursue her passion for art. She completed her bachelor's degree in illustration while at the same time completing a tattoo apprenticeship. With 15 years of tattoo experience, Mel is now the proud owner of Arcane Tattoo Studios in west Fort Lauderdale - specializing in all kinds of tattoo styles.

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