What If Life Was Happening for You and Not to You with Charlie Rose

Episode 36 - APPROVED

“Life happens for me, not to me.” — Charlie Rose

Life is a journey filled with twists, turns, and moments that shape who we are. Imagine looking at life as a series of opportunities happening for you, not just things happening to you. It's a powerful shift that emPOWERs you to find purpose in every experience.

Challenges? They become chances to prove your resilience. Setbacks? They transform into stepping stones towards your dreams. Growth? It becomes a constant companion on your journey.

So, let's choose to embrace this mindset. Let's turn obstacles into lessons and setbacks into motivation. Let's be the authors of our own stories, seeing every chapter, even the tough ones, as part of our unique path to success.

In this episode, I am joined by Charlie Rose who shares how she has followed her intuition throughout her career hopping, eventually starting her own wellness center before transitioning to real estate investing. She discusses important lessons she has learned around being uncomfortable, balancing the masculine and feminine, and letting go of control to allow the universe to provide what she needs. Charlie advises listeners to figure out their purpose, visualize the life they want, and shift who they are becoming.

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Thoughts to Empower 

  • "It's okay if you're not the traditional path that's been shoved down to us." — Becca Powers
  • “Get out of other people's expectations of who you have become.” — Charlie Rose
  • “You're gonna be so many different versions of yourself in life, and you are always going to grow.” — Charlie Rose
  • “When you're really connected vibrationally with your path and your power, people will fall in love with you.” — Charlie Rose
  • “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” — Charlie Rose
  • “Life happens for me, not to me.” — Charlie Rose
  • “We have the opportunity to rewrite our stories and shift our perspective.” — Becca Powers
  • “Life is gonna give you what you vibrate out.” — Charlie Rose
  • “The more we give ourselves permission to be in all of our beingness, the more things work out.” — Becca Powers
  • “Just go out and try new things and then don't be afraid to make changes.” — Charlie Rose
  • “You can't expect change to happen and not allow change to happen.” — Charlie Rose
  • “Be open to things that are coming to you and experience it.” — Charlie Rose
  • “You can be whatever you wanna be. Do whatever you wanna do. You just have to realize what that is, sometimes you don't know, and it's okay not knowing.” — Charlie Rose

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and not punish yourself for choices made in the past
  • We have to break connections to move forward
  • The importance of balancing the masculine and feminine within us
  • Getting out of our own way and letting the universe provide what we need
  • If we don't like our lives, that is a sign we need to shift who we are becoming and figure out who we want to be

About Charlie Rose:

Charlie burst into the business world, following her intuition and harnessing her passion for leadership and drive to be an entrepreneur. Her success comes from her limitless energy, desire for growth and learning, and willingness to break rules and push boundaries.

During her tenure as a 3-time business owner, she has connected with countless people, training them how to persevere and crush their goals by tuning into their vulnerabilities and reaching beyond barriers. Charlie emphasizes the needs of others to be seen and heard through holding space and sharing her gifts and abilities. By working with Charlie, many have learned to embrace a mindset of change by releasing the pressure and constraints of negative expectations and judgments. A major goal is to inspire others to create meaning and purpose in life.

Charlie maintains a strong connection to spirituality and listens to her guides and ancestors to help steer her course. She thrives on deep connections and friendships and enjoys leading meditations and talking circles.

Connect with Charlie Rose:

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