Unveiling Your Inner Strengths and Talents with Stacey Shipman

Episode 7 - APPROVED

Self-discovery is a journey that we all need to take, and yet so few of us actually do.

And the truth is it can be difficult to see and appreciate the best things about us, let alone be confident with it, because we can get overly critical about ourselves. 

But here’s another truth: each of us has strengths, skills, talents and capabilities that we can cultivate. 

The question is: how can we unleash the best parts of us that are hidden deep within? 

My friend, Stacey Shipman, has valuable insights about this million-dollar question. In this episode Stacey shares with us her empowering story of how she unleashed her best self to reach her full potential. This took her years of constantly shifting and evolving, of feeling foolish, unprepared, embarrassed, and unconfident despite having the credentials and the experience.

Now, Stacey is determined to unleash the geniuses in all of us, and to say that it’s okay to reveal your real self and uncover the best parts you might not know are hiding inside of you. Because who knows? It may be just what you need  to shine and have opportunities come knocking at your door.

Thoughts to Empower 

  • You have to be willing to experiment, explore, change directions, and rest when needed.” - Stacey Shipman
  • “We can take a rest when we need it. We can better express ourselves, what we need, our thoughts and ideas, and we can have better relationships with other people because we are grounded in who we are.”  - Stacey Shipman
  • “When we clear out all the clutter, there is a brightness to people, and you can see and feel it.” - Stacey Shipman
  • ‘Exercise was a way for me to hide because when people would hear, “Oh, you exercise all the time. I wish I could do that”, it was was positively reinforced. It was such an easy way to hide because it was an activity society says we should be doing, and nobody was gonna judge that in a negative way if you were the one doing it all the time.’
  • “We need more connection on all levels. Deep human connection. And the only way to have it is if we truly put ourselves out there: the quirky, the funny, the sad, the vulnerable. Not in a messy, disrespectful way. But with boundaries. With respect to who you're talking to. And with having done your own work to process so that you're not just dumping on other people.”

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Stacey's stories, humor, and insights that can help drop behaviors that never felt natural
  • Overcoming the lack of confidence and skills
  • Harnessing that eagerness to achieve your desires
  • Nurturing a deep a connection with yourself
  • Being authentic can lead to more meaningful connections and better relationships
  • Having a higher sense of wellbeing through better connections with yourself and people around you

About Stacey Shipman:

Stacey is an event host, facilitator, singer, and writer here to remove formal protocols stifling personalities and ideas. Because you can’t express yourself or your genius hiding behind: “I’m too busy,” data, perfectionism, PowerPoints, collaborators who get all the credit, or the belief you need more credentials. Plus, human connection is impossible when you are acting like a robot. Boring, bland and basic are default settings – not the only settings. Through Stacey's stories, humor, and insights, you will drop learned behavior that never felt natural in the first place, step out of the conventional bubble, and engage clients, peers, prospects - anyone - with who you really are.

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