Uncovering the Five Stages of Burnout

Uncovering the Five Stages of Burnout

I am deeply fulfilled by all I do.  And then I'm flipping it over for extended meaning. Each moment of the day is special to me as I follow my higher instincts and listen to myself. I am at peace with my world and affairs.

- Louise Hay -

Are you noticing that job satisfaction is practically nonexistent? Do you often feel physically and mentally drained, like your batteries are dead? Some of us can relate to these questions because we have encountered these circumstances, or you might be experiencing them right now. Job dissatisfaction and physical and mental exhaustion are just some of the signs of workplace burnout.

But how do you know if you are on the verge of burnout and might fall hard on it? First, you might feel that you don’t matter and are not worthy. When these feelings are activated, you might go into overcompensation wherein you worked hard to be validated. Then, you go into the next stage where you start questioning your sense of belonging, which could lead to disharmony with yourselves and your bodies. If you stay on this stage for too long, it could lead to self-devastation. And these are the five stages of burnout that Becca sheds light on in this episode.

As someone who has a good grip on burnout and is certified in trauma awareness, Becca enumerates the five stages of burnout and how those stages are interrelated. She goes on to share valuable inputs about how early detection of the signs and stages will not only save us from its devastating effects but also the people around us. This serves as a reminder that as high-achievers, we should aim for success, but without so much sacrifice and self-sabotage.

Take Inspiration From These Lessons: 

  • Burnout is everyone's problem but everyone has a hand in making it better.
  • There must be an opportunity for us to pause and recalibrate and say, is this the best way that I can be going about things?
  • Sometimes, when we are dealing with shadows in our lives, we want to hide them and we don't want people to think we're not worthy. Instead, we want people to see our value and we want to be validated. With this, we get into overcompensation when wounds are triggered and activated.
  • The five stages of burnout are recognizing the unders, and overs, questioning your sense of belonging, disharmony with yourself and your body, and self-devastation.
  • It is the organization or the corporation's responsibility to provide work environments that help their employees thrive.

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Wisdom To Live By:

  • "Burnout is everyone's problem. It's the individual's responsibility to prioritize themselves enough to get out of that survival state and into a thriving state." - Becca Powers
  • "98% of people are actually experiencing either signs and symptoms of burnout or full-on burnout. 98% of workers and professionals are either in or on the verge of burnout."- Becca Powers

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