The Kind of Success That Truly Matters with Jessie Andres

The Kind of Success That Truly Matters

Oftentimes, we are so focused on being too busy that we forget what we are truly busy about. As high achievers, we have the tendency to get so caught up in our daily routines and responsibilities that we lose sight of our real purpose and intentions. We also sometimes overcommit and do so many things at once that it becomes difficult to allow ourselves to just be.

Since we now live in a fast-paced world, a lot of people associate being busy with being productive. But remember, just because you are working all the time does not mean you are achieving a lot. And though success is relative, it would be safe to say that no amount of achievement or work can be meaningful if your mental health and your relationships are being compromised in the process of attaining it.

Yes, we owe it to ourselves to maximize our potential and the opportunities that come our way. However, as you work your way towards your goals, always hold on to your purpose, your values, and what really matters to you.

Our guest and my dear friend, Jessie Andres, is both a high-achiever and a mother. Though she has been thriving as a career woman and a parent, she recalls the challenges she went through and how she managed to still prioritize her health, her wellbeing, and her family while pursuing her dreams. Learn some practical tips on time management and being organized, and gain a nugget of wisdom or two as you listen to this episode!

Wisdom To Live By:

  • One of the greatest gifts that you could give your kids is time. – Jessie Andres
  • For me,  sitting down at your desk for ten hours or eight hours is not healthy. – Jessie Andres
  • My best work and my best outcome is when I am all in. – Jessie Andres
  • Look at your week ahead,  look at your day, and get those to-do lists. – Becca Powers
  • Communicate [with your husband] and just kind of figure out what the plan is.  Also, just make sure that one thing that you can't get back is time... Make sure that time is valuable. – Jessie Andres

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Know More About Jessie:

Jessie Andres is an award-winning Fortune 500 software tech client executive. In Jessie’s 15+ years in sales, she has worked for the best of the breed companies such as Dell, Riverbed, Splunk, and Dataiku. Jessie's key to success is building strong relationships. Jessie has a passion for WIT and has spent the past 6 years mentoring college graduates to join the workforce

On a personal note – Jessie is a Native New Yorker based in South Florida. She is married and a mother to 3 children – Edward, Hannah, and Abigail.

Her favorite Tony Robbins quote “ People who succeed at the highest level are not lucky, they’re doing something differently than everyone else”.

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