Take Your Power Back with Gina McCarthy

Take Your Power Back

And the Day Came When the Risk to Remain Tight In a Bud Was More Painful Than the Risk It Took to Blossom.

- Anais Nin -

How would you feel if you started working in a company that accepted you with a yawn? Like when you are excited to start and to make an impact with your efforts and no one seems to really care.

How would you feel working in a company with a culture that undervalues, underappreciated, and underrecognizes people like you?

If this resonates, then listen up and listen good!

This week’s episode features a fellow powerhouse, Gina McCarthy, a resilient soul with a High Achievers mindset with the same badass culture. A crucial career pivot led her to move past her own “unders” that were stirring the dark waters that would lead to burnout - and increased her salary by more than 35% in the process!

Take Inspiration from how Gina took back her own power by: 

  • Accepting, loving, and being damn proud of herself
  • Choosing to receive and process outside criticism and comments as either positive, irrelevant, or just simply untrue
  • Allowing herself to feel motivated and inspired again by what she’s doing
  • Avoiding the need to give loyalty to people who don’t reciprocate it
  • Finding her people that would check her a** when she’s being “swallowed up” at work

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Resources Mentioned:

Wisdom To Live By:

  • I was comfortable. I was loved. I was respected,  but I just wasn't challenged. - Gina McCarthy
  • I was told that I was too emotionally invested in my customers. And the problem is I allowed it to be an insult when I should have just flicked my chin and said,  “You're damn right I am!” - Gina McCarthy
  • Burnout isn’t abrupt or sudden. It’s a slow drip that bleeds into your system. - Becca Powers
  • You can put whatever the hell you want out and say whatever the hell you want to me. But how I receive and process it is on me. - Gina McCarthy
  • Sitting in mediocrity is a flame killer. - Becca Powers
  • The first layer of burnout is leaving ourselves in situations where we're starting to feel disrespected. - Becca Powers
  • Build your support network because you're gonna need it. - Gina McCarthy

Know More About Gina:

Gina is a self-made six-figure technology sales executive and mother of two. Gina’s inspirational story starts when she entered the tech industry in 2011 and worked her way up through the various sales ranks. Starting as a business development rep, she is now a top-performing sales executive managing multi-million dollar sales territories.

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