Stop Overcompensating, Start Living

Stop Overcompensating, Start Living

Our minds and bodies have the natural ability to respond to stresses and threats to our wellbeing. In psychology, these unconscious responses that help us protect our sense of self are called defense mechanisms.

One of the defense mechanisms that gets switched on – especially if we want to make up for our shortcomings or setbacks – is called compensation. And while it may help you achieve goals and excel in some areas of your life, overdoing it may cause more harm than good in the long run.

Especially at times when we feel unseen, unheard, or unappreciated, that’s when our tendency to overcompensate gets triggered. The more that we feel like we don’t matter or we’re not worthy, the more that we want to prove ourselves; and that often leads us to overwork, overcommit, and overthink. These are just some of the “overs” that we need to understand and be mindful of if we want to avoid being overstressed and overwhelmed!

Overcompensation is a bit tricky because it makes you feel like you’re doing your best; but it’s actually counterproductive, especially for high achievers.

In this episode, let’s dive deeper into some of the things we overdo that may cause burnout and ultimately hinder us from giving our best and living life to the fullest.

Wisdom To Live By:

  • “At the core of everybody, they wanna be seen, heard, and felt like they mattered.  And on the reverse side, all problems come from not being seen, not being heard, and feeling like we don't matter.” – Oprah
  • Success is possible without sacrificing your well-being. Actually, unstoppable success is on the other side of prioritizing yourself. – Becca Powers
  • We shouldn't be just surviving our days. We should be alive. – Becca Powers
  • The more times you say yes to yourself,  the more confident you will become that this is the way to be. – Becca Powers
  • What if you are feeling the “overs”,  what can you do?... Assess and admit that things might be either off track or getting off track. – Becca Powers

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