Starting anew in 7 easy steps

Starting anew in 7 easy step

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Have you ever approached a new year really wanting it to be different than the year before?

Then, as you start to imagine yourself implementing these new changes, you get hit with a wave of slight defeat. This troubles you because you feel energized and ready to start anew. But, there is this part of you that already knows you are going to fail. Why? Because this is a not your first time trying to implement lasting change and start your new year off differently.

What if there was a way to start anew, leave last year in rear view mirror, and get the long-term results you are looking for? I’m here to tell you there is! I will be sharing 7 easy steps to start anew and create the lasting change you’ve been looking for. For it to work, it requires an honest self-assessment. Are you ready to get real with yourself? Okay, let’s go!

Starting Anew in 7 Easy Steps:

1. Assess Your Life – That’s right, I want you to access the different areas of your life and identify what parts are working well and which ones aren’t. I like to break it down into four categories for better clarity:

    1. Personal Relationships
    2. Health & Wellness
    3. Profession & Purpose
    4. Finance & Abundance

2. Admit the Areas That Aren’t Working Well – This is crucial step and one that is typically by-passed. There is a power in admitting that an area isn’t working to yourself and to someone else. This very act invites in possibilities.

3. Grant Yourself Permission – Give yourself permission to have the outcome you desire easily and effortlessly. We all deserve to live a life we love, and it starts with giving ourselves permission to do so!

4. Embrace the Power of Choice – Shame and guilt are energy and goal killers. Where you are now does not define where you are going. Own that you made some choices that may have hurt you and your goals – and let it remain in the past. Starting today, use the power of choice to make choices that help you achieve your goals – feel empowered to choose again and again if you stumble.

5. Connect with Purpose – Purpose gives you fuel. Why do you want to create this change? What pain will you continue to feel if you don’t change? Who are you hurting if you don’t change? What will you gain from this change? How will it impact your life if you successful implement this change? Answering these questions and doing an honest exploration behind the why to this change will give you fuel to keep going!

6. Macro Goal – Now that we have done the prep work, it’s time to get clear on our goals. What is the high-level goal you are looking to achieve? And when are you looking to achieve it by? Ex: I want to lose 30 lbs. by July 1st, 2022. Be as specific as you can here.

7. Micro Goals – To every macro goal, I suggest making three micro goals. This micro goal setting help you get clear on how you are going to reach your macro goal. Ex: track food daily, move my body every day for a minimum of 20 minutes, have a weekly check-in with an accountability partner. These micro goals should be practical and obtainable. The more you achieve them, the more you tell your nervous system that it’s safe to change!

These 7 steps with implemented and revisited help make starting anew easy and sustainable. Come back to this list as much as you need to as you work on creating a live that you love and deserve.


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