Stage 4 of Burnout: Disharmony in the Bodies

Stage 4 of Burnout_Disharmony in the Bodies

Stress and burnout have been constant topics of discussion throughout the years, and have been closely associated with work-related experiences and other overwhelming daily activities. In fact, there are numerous studies about the causes and effects of burnout, and there are a lot of available resources that provide tips on stress management.

However, when people feel that there is no choice other than to stay in their situation and remain in what feels like a toxic work environment, their bodies begin to feel the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and even financial discomfort. Our bodies contain 80% of our innate wisdom, not our brains. When the aches and pains of our bodies are dismissed whether it be the clenching of the jaw, the tension in the shoulders, or the constant indigestion our bodies respond with anxiety, worry, and hopelessness as a few examples

Therefore, it is essential to recognize the 4th stage of burnout which is disharmony in the bodies. Going through the first stages of burnout will lead you to a point where your body is already giving you “signals” and telling you to take that much-needed pause. Tune in to this episode to know more about this stage and how you can truly listen to your body to avoid disharmony!

Wisdom To Live By: 

  • “The two things that I would say are the most valuable to me right now are my time and my health. Because if I have time and I have my health, then I have time for myself. Then I have time for my family, and then I have time to do all the things I love.” – Becca Powers
  • “Practice the pause; connect with your mind, body, and soul.” – Becca Powers
  • “Awareness allows change to happen.” – Becca Powers

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