Stage 3 of Burnout: Questioning Belonging

Stage 3 of Burnout_Questioning Belonging

Too much stress, when not managed properly, can lead to burnout. And while stress can be short-term and may be reduced when addressed, burnout can be more challenging to handle and may become a cycle of negative emotions.

Thus, it is important to understand what happens to your mind, heart, and body when you experience burnout. Consequently, knowing what stage you are in and your corresponding behaviors and responses will allow you to see patterns or habits that you can learn how to break.

In previous episodes, we talked about the first two stages of burnout which are the “Unders” and the “Overs”. In these stages, it may be easy to recognize the signs of burnout because the manifestations are extremes – when you feel undervalued, you tend to sulk into a very low point in your life; as a result, you try to prove your worth by overcompensating. In Stage 3, however, you reach a point of exhaustion where you become uncertain what the purpose of trying hard is, and you no longer care as much as you used to if you are underappreciated.

Do I make a difference? Am I making an impact? Do people care about me or the things that I accomplish? These are just some of the questions that may keep you up at night if you are transitioning into stage 3 of burnout which is called “Questioning Belonging”.

Learn more about this phase of burnout and take note of some examples and tips as you tune in to this episode!

Wisdom To Live By:

  • “Change by far is one of the scariest things for people. The unknown on the other side of change keeps people stuck.” – Becca Powers
  • “We were meant to thrive. You were born to rise. You were born with potential. You were born with a dream. You were born with a mission.  You were born to be alive. And when we don't feel alive,  our bodies are talking to us through [those] signs.” – Becca Powers
  • “The biggest boundary that you can have is the boundary with yourself.” – Becca Powers

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