Spotlights Author of Harness Your Inner CEO with Becca Powers

Spotlights Author of Harness Your Inner CEO with Becca Powers

Becca Powers is the author of Harness Your Inner CEO: Rise Into Passion, Prosperity, And Empowerment, a personal growth guide for women in business. The book offers the tools and insight to make an authentic empowered transformation.

“I want to help women know that they can have a career and a life,” says Becca. “You don’t have to choose between success and happiness. The life of your dreams shouldn’t come at a price. There is a way to get unstuck and back into the realm of new possibilities. You can build it all exactly from where you are right now. You are the CEO of your life.”

As a coach, Becca Powers is committed to helping success driven working moms ditch self-sacrifice and stress. She empowers women to realize that they are the one in control. Step by step, Becca teaches her clients to rise into empowerment, reignite their passions and relish in the prosperity they deserve.

Becoming the CEO of your life will change your trajectory, says Becca, and she would know. As a Fortune 500 sales executive I was responsible for $400 million of annual revenue and a department of about 115 people, Becca overworked herself into autoimmune disease, anxiety disorders, lowered self-worth, and missed out on motherhood by prioritizing her career first.

“I realized it didn't have to be this way. I needed to do was stop sacrificing myself to my company, to my schedule or anything else,” recalls Becca.

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