Shrink Your Inner Dragon and Scale Up your Own GOAT with Bestselling Author, Rebecca Mountain

Episode 34 - APPROVED

What if your inner dragon was the key to your greatness?

Each one of us harbors a mighty, mythical dragon within—the embodiment of our deepest fears, guilt, anger, shame, and anxiety. It's the part of us that society often tells us to defeat, eliminate, or conquer. But what if I told you there's a different, more empowering path?

Your inner dragon isn't your adversary—it's your hidden source of strength and untapped potential. Rather than slaying the dragon, you can shrink it to tap into its immense power and use it to fuel your own growth.

And the ultimate prize for mastering this inner beast is the chance to scale up your very own GOAT—the "Greatest of All Time.” Imagine becoming the best version of yourself, embracing your unique strengths, and achieving your fullest potential. It's not just a possibility; it's a reality within your grasp.

In this episode, Rebecca Mountain, a bestselling author, international keynote speaker, and coach, will teach us how to take charge of our dragons, how to transform them from obstacles into allies, and how to use their energy to soar to new heights. Rebecca's insights are not just enlightening; they're downright empowering.

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Thoughts to Empower 

  • “Fear is good because if you get too close to a cliff edge, it pulls you back.” - Rebecca Mountain
  • “Anger is important because it allows you to stand up for yourself in a situation in which someone is being aggressive or unfair or whatever.” - Rebecca Mountain
  • “To be our greatest of all time is also to accept, love how you are wired and how you are put together.” - Rebecca Mountain
  • “You build a life around yourself based on what makes you happy.” - Rebecca Mountain
  • “We are not here to make everyone else happy.” - Rebecca Mountain
  • “You can't live someone else's life. You can't run someone else's business and expect to be happy.”  - Rebecca Mountain
  • “See everything the world can adapt.” - Rebecca Mountain
  • “If you have been told you were too small, too much, too anything, lean in the direction of your too muchness.” - Becca Powers
  • “Do not minimize yourself because someone else's box is too small.” - Rebecca Mountain
  • “The only person you need to matter to is yourself.” - Rebecca Mountain 
  • “You create the standards by which you determine.” - Rebecca Mountain
  • “I always have a choice. I can choose to stay, I can choose to change myself, change the environment, or I can choose to leave.” - Rebecca Mountain
  • “To always believe that you have a choice is what opens the door for you to start challenging the dragon that's telling you don't.” - Rebecca Mountain

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Recognizing the dragon as the lizard part of our brain
  • How to bring out your inner GOAT: Greatest Of All Time
  • Shrink the dragon; don't slay the dragon
  • Befriending fear, anger, guilt, and shame 
  • Understanding the emotional, feeling, and thinking brain
  • Building a self based on what makes you happy

About Rebecca Mountain:

Rebecca is a bestselling author, international keynote speaker, Certified High Performance Coach focusing all her efforts on one thing: helping people live happier, wealthier and more fulfilled lives. Whether it’s scaling a business, improving organizational performance, growing a team or running your business from the beach, Rebecca’s programs have a proven track record of incredible results. In her latest bestseller, “The Dragon and the GOAT: The one that wins is the one you feed.”, she explores the two warring sides within you – and find strategies to shrink the inner “Dragon” that holds you back, and scale up your own unique “Greatest of All Time” to live life fully and completely on your terms.

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