Say It Out Loud with Vasavi Kumar

Episode 11 - APPROVED

Speaking our dreams, thoughts, and goals out loud gives them power and intention.

We keep a lot to ourselves for fear of failing or being judged. Or it could even be that we simply feel like we're not ready to share our aspirations with others. 

But keeping things bottled up inside of us - both the good and the bad - can often hinder our progress and prevent us from reaching our full potential.

When we say something out loud, we bring it into the physical world and make it real. We make it tangible. By verbalizing our thoughts and goals, we make a commitment to ourselves to take action and work towards achieving them.

This episode left me feeling incredibly inspired. Vasavi Kumar's courageous story about her struggles with bipolar disorder refreshed my perspective on seeking support and being vulnerable enough to be helped. In this episode, she also talks about how she discovered her own voice, tapped into her creative spirit, and helped others along the way—all because she learned how to say it out loud.

Say it out loud and see the beauty of speaking things into existence, breaking barriers within, and bringing your own self-empowerment to light.

Thoughts to Empower 

  • “We have many different personalities and parts, and each of those parts has a unique voice.” Vasavi Kumar
  • “We were not taught how to love ourselves. I don't think any of us are. We're taught how to look out for others, care about others, but not really taught how to love ourselves.” — Vasavi Kumar
  • People think they know you, and then they think they have access to you.”  Vasavi Kumar
  • “We all have these different aspects of ourselves, and we are also multifaceted. We have different desires. There are parts of ourselves that are wounded, and there are some parts that aren't and that are very vibrant and alive.” — Becca Powers
  • “It should not be hard to feel good.”  Vasavi Kumar

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How we can tap into our inner potential
  • Why connection with ourselves is essential
  • Honoring the bad and good things in life is important
  • Learning to love ourselves
  • Knowing ourselves well helps us better connect with others
  • Depression can be a disconnection from the soul

About Vasavi Kumar:

Vasavi Kumar is often described as the "Queen of Saying It Out Loud." A first-generation Indian immigrant raised on Long Island, NY, Vasavi has relentlessly searched to find her own voice, access the freedom of her creative spirit, and help others along the way... out loud. When she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 19, she made it her life’s purpose to understand how her mind works, starting with making room to hear herself think. Her mission is to share everything—the good, bad, and ugly—in order to teach a more mindful, practical, and simple way of running every aspect of your life.

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