Ode to Father's: Tales from a Teacher on Burnout, Parenting, and Providing with Wayne Basinger

Episode 15 - APPROVED

Fathers have traditionally been viewed as the backbone of the family, the providers, the protectors. They work hard day in and day out so their family has everything they need.

Being a provider is no easy feat, and it can wear on anyone - no matter their gender. Providing for a family takes a lot of effort and energy, and it can lead to feeling burnt out and exhausted.

It's important to recognize that dads need support, just like everyone else. They need time to rest, recharge, and pursue their own dreams, hobbies, and interests. Dads also need to feel appreciated and recognized for the hard work they do.

In this episode, I am joined by Wayne Basinger, a highly-rated motivational speaker with over 20 years of classroom teaching experience. Wayne helps burned-out teachers avoid throwing it all away and reignite their passion for having a massive impact on today’s generation. 

Wayne talks about his own burnout experience and how having a high level of self-awareness, acknowledging negative thoughts, protecting your time and personal life, and filling your own cup are the constructive steps to a more joyful and fulfilling journey of parenthood.

Thoughts to Empower 

  • “It's okay not to be okay, but it's not okay to stay there.” – Wayne Basinger
  • When you actually start to put the blame where it lies, you can come up with solutions to make it better.” – Wayne Basinger
  • “You don't have to abandon your career or your profession; it is the very thing that lights you up.” – Becca Powers
  • "When you change your thinking, you start changing your behavior. And then it's like I'm just a different person and that is the best version of me." – Wayne Basinger 
  • "When you understand what you're going through and then you do the work, you actually liberate yourself in a way." – Becca Powers

Key Points From This Episode:

  • It is okay to not be okay, but it is not okay to stay in that state
  • How overcoming burnout can be your own success story
  • Changing your way of thinking can lead to the best version of yourself
  • How self-reliance can be part of overcoming burnout
  • Admitting that you have a problem can be empowering
  • Seeking help can be the start of overcoming burnout
  • Self-care enhances one's best self

About Wayne Basinger:

Wayne Basinger is a highly-rated motivational speaker with over 20 years of classroom teaching experience. He conducts professional development seminars at conferences throughout the state of California, combining classroom experience with creative and inspiring ideas that motivate and transform his audiences.

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