Manifesting Success by Showing Up for Yourself No Matter What with Brokerage Owner and Entrepreneur, Joyce Worthy

Manifesting Success by Showing Up for Yourself No Matter What with Brokerage Owner and Entrepreneur, Joyce Worthy

“Every time you show up, you're showing up to grab that million dollars.”

— Joyce Worthy

In this week's episode of The EmPOWERed Half Hour, Becca engages in a transformative conversation with Joyce Worthy, a young entrepreneur of Haitian descent whose passion for real estate and commitment to empowerment are reshaping communities. Joyce's journey teaches us the importance of self-belief, showing up, overcoming doubt, and embracing change. Her experiences explore the depths of self-discovery and the power of perseverance.

From Witnessing to Thriving:

Joyce shares her journey from witnessing her mother's relentless pursuit of success as a single parent to founding Worthy Realty, a thriving brokerage committed to making a difference. Her early exposure to real estate and unwavering determination paved the way for her entrepreneurial success.

Overcoming Self-Doubt in Pursuit of Your Dreams:

Despite the challenges of doubt and fear of failure, Becca and Joyce emphasize the importance of believing in oneself when leaping one's dreams, and that no one else knows your potential but you.

Lessons in Showing Up:

Joyce's powerful mantra of showing up as if there's a million dollars in the room resonates deeply, reminding listeners of the importance of mindset and perseverance. Becca highlights the significance of conditioning one's thoughts to align with their goals, emphasizing the transformative power of self-belief and manifestation.

Evolving and Elevating:

Joyce and Becca share insights on evolving and elevating, underscoring the importance of surrounding oneself with a supportive community. Both stress the significance of letting go of relationships or systems that no longer serve one's growth and alignment.

Embracing the Journey:

Joyce inspires everyone to embrace their journey, celebrating not just the big wins but also the small victories along the way. She emphasizes the importance of taking time to savor the magic of each accomplishment and staying committed to the pursuit of greatness.


Key Moments You Won't Want to Miss:

  • Early Lessons in Resilience: Explore Joyce Worthy's inspiring journey from witnessing her mother's resilience as a single parent to founding Worthy Realty. Joyce's childhood experiences of accompanying her mother to evaluate properties, instilled in her a strong work ethic and a profound understanding of the value of land and entrepreneurship from a young age.
  • Navigating Doubt and Self-Belief: Hear Joyce's reflections on overcoming doubt and self-limiting beliefs as she pursued her entrepreneurial ventures, emphasizing the importance of trusting in one's potential and persevering in the face of adversity.
  • Embracing Change and Evolution: Gain insights into Joyce's philosophy on embracing change as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, and how she navigates the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship with resilience, adaptability, and a steadfast commitment to her vision.
  • Showing Up and Letting Go: Joyce shares valuable lessons in showing up authentically and letting go of relationships or systems that no longer serve one's growth and alignment, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and boundary-setting in personal and professional relationships.
  • Empowering Others to Achieve: Listen to Joyce's empowering message, inspiring them to believe in themselves, embrace their unique journeys, and make a positive impact in their communities by aligning their passions with purpose and perseverance.


Empowering Thoughts to Take With You:

  • “No one's going to do this for you, you have to work hard, and you have to be the one to go out there and be your own superhero because if not, no one's going to do it for you.” — Joyce Worthy
  • “I had to train myself every day, that every time you show up, you're showing up to grab that million dollars.” — Joyce Worthy
  • “You have to take that control and really believe in yourself, whether or not you're the only person believing in yourself.” — Joyce Worthy
  • “People think there's a timeline for everything but it isn't, the timeline is when you start the time” — Joyce Worthy
  • “You don't have to pay attention to the doubters or the people who hate you or the people who hate your business because they're not important.” — Joyce Worthy
  • “Focus on the people who are loving you, pouring their energy into you — they are helping you both ways where the relationship is beneficial.” — Joyce Worthy 
  • “It's okay to love from a distance.” — Joyce Worthy
  • “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable when you're starting your business.” — Joyce Worthy
  • “Whenever you're going into a new space, showing up is sometimes all you need to do.” — Becca Powers
  • “You learn as you go, but if you never start, you never go” — Becca Powers
  • “No one else knows your potential, you do.” — Becca Powers
  • “You were born with your potential already manifested inside you.” — Becca Powers 
  • “People evolve, we evolve, and you get to choose who you keep in your circle to help you continue.” — Becca Powers

About Joyce:

Joyce Worthy is a young entrepreneur of Haitian descent with a profound passion for real estate. Growing up, she witnessed her mother's journey of acquiring land across the USA from Haiti, which instilled in her a deep understanding of its value. At just 31, Joyce founded Worthy Realty, driven by a desire to make a difference.

Over the past 3 years, her brokerage has expanded from three agents to twenty, serving clients from Miami to Jacksonville, Florida. At the core of her mission is a commitment to empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their real estate aspirations. Beyond transactions, Joyce and her team actively engage with the community, volunteering at the Palm Beach County Food Bank, supporting nonprofit organizations in Haiti that aid orphanages and medical facilities, and educating the community by hosting Homebuying, homeownership & selling 101 free workshops.

Joyce is immensely proud of the impact Worthy Realty has made thus far and is eager to continue her journey of assisting even more individuals and families in realizing their real estate dreams. She recognizes the pivotal role real estate plays in building wealth and is dedicated to being a catalyst for positive change in the lives of her clients and communities.

Joyce is also the founder of Tristan & Paris Baby Boutique established in 2018. Their mission is to dress pride and joy for the eventful moments that are sure to come, combining fashion for little ones with philanthropy. Every month, 5% of total proceeds will be donated to Non-Profit organizations in Haiti providing food, water, and medical assistance to families in need. So far, Joyce is pleased with both businesses.

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Welcome to another episode of the empowered half-hour, and today I am bringing you someone really special to me. She's one of my friends, she calls me her fireball, but she is one of my fireballs. Every once in a while, you meet someone that has the light behind their eyes and they're just ready to take over the world. 

That is today's guest, I bring you Joyce Worthy. She is the owner, qualifying broker, and realtor for her business, Worthy. So Joyce, welcome to the show.

The Fireball Friendship

Since I met her at our old job, it was just like a match made in heaven. Energy ball time. I'm glad that you brought that up. If I bring someone on the show that I have a background with, I always like to share how I met them.

So Joyce and I met at work 11 years ago. I started in 2013 and it's here we are in 2024. So we met 11 years ago. We ended up sitting near each other. And like I said, it was just two really positive people next to each other. That pod was on fire and then, we always, Becca had all of these amazing positive quotes and everyone would take a turn pulling it out and I always got the, ‘you're going to be a millionaire’, ‘your life is amazing.’

I created a wonderful new job now and the card behind it. So this is like Joyce always touches money, and I'm not joking. This has been going on for 11 years. So the two cards right next to everything I touch is the success. Create a wonderful new job, maybe this is a new contract. I now establish a new awareness of success, it's time to go to the next level. 

The depth of your story is very empowering. There are two layers of it, and one is just I think not surface at all because you have built a phenomenal business, but I was going to say the most recent is probably a better word is like where you have taken yourself from when we first met 11 years ago to having this thriving realty and brokered brokerage business here in South Florida.

You've created that single-handedly with your husband. It's freaking incredible. You also have a deep story that is more like your heritage and what you have done for your generation, like that generational story. So you can talk about it all girl, whatever comes up. But the first question I have for you is, here you are, at this point in your life where you are successful, you're raising a family, you're growing a business. What is the backstory that made you the person that you are today?

The Inspiration Behind Worthy Realty

I'm glad you asked because, my background, I'm of Haitian descent. My mother is Haitian and my parents were born. I was born here in the United States. I'm Haitian American, but my mother came here and just watched her work nonstop to provide for me because my father passed away when I was two. 

So it was just her being a single mom and a single father. She was on the go because she had goals to accomplish and she knew she had a little one to take care of since my father passed away.

Just watching her grind every morning was just like, wow. I've never had to beg for anything. I've always had the latest items. My mom just made sure that I truly was taken care of to where I was fortunate enough to know the best of the best, so she basically helped me understand that no one's going to do this for you. You have to work hard, you have to be the one to go out there and be your own superhero because if not, no one's going to do it for you. 

So watching her every morning, just waking up grinding, like there's no tomorrow was just inspiring on its own and she inspired me. She used to take me out to look at property since the age of eight.

And she would buy land all over Florida, out of the country, and just watch her evaluate these properties in these lands. I just had that background really early of knowing how to value land before you could even value a property value, the location value, the state, just knowing the ins and outs on how to acquire real estate and that was pretty amazing at that young age. 

I don't know if it is or not, but my brother passed away four weeks ago. And my sister-in-law is now raising my nephew who just turned five but she's very much like our energy. So I think that there is just some hope in that message too, that you shared. And the reason I brought up like my brother too, is that, for our listeners, life happens sometimes. I believe that life is always beautiful, even when we go through our trials, there's going to be something that shows itself that is beautiful, but life happens and sometimes it knocks us on our ass.

And like you said, like sometimes there's a great message in that. There's time for Luke, like licking your boons and also just being like, Oh my God, this sucks. But at some point, you got to be like your mom and pick it up. You're a big girl with panties on. keep it going. 

And it's not to say that you didn't mourn or you didn't, you did all that. You let it all out. But I'm sure they want you to be in a better space. They want you to be in a mindset, even after that. God forbid something happened, but I just want to give kudos to you for backup because once I heard the news, I didn't even think this interview was going to happen today.

Quite honestly, I thought it was just probably you were going to push it back. You actually motivate me because this was recent and you still showed up.

It's funny, like I normally do, and I've never shared this with the listeners before, but Joyce knows me. Like I've always had inspirational stuff around me and I have my planner.

And I'm showing it right now, but normally I have this week's goals, personal to-do list habits, and things like all of this is generally filled out every Sunday, Monday. And the only thing that I managed on Monday was to write – show up. That's it.

We are so in sync, and that's just like, all I could do is show up, whatever that it is. But the more I show up, the more, whether you're grieving a loss of someone or a loss of a job or a loss of a phase, listen, like Joyce's, like she is growing and I'm doing things I'm growing, but then you lose a phase too.

And even though there's all this excitement and a new phase, there's sometimes also a little bit of fear and a little bit of I don't know if I could do this, maybe I'm more comfortable where I was. I'm curious about your opinion on this, but I feel like whenever you're going into a new space, showing up is sometimes all you need to do. Tell the audience a little bit about how you've shown up for your dreams and goals.


Show Up for Success: The Million Dollar Mindset

One day, one crazy day, I knew I had to be at this broker's open house because there were people that were going to be there that I had to get into the room with. I caught a flat tire on the way there because I just left a new construction with one of my clients. I'm like, I can't miss this broker's open house.

There's no way I'm missing this. I called roadside assistance, and they came and I could have easily been like, you know what, forget it. I'll catch the next one or they'll have it again. I could have made so many excuses just for not to show up knowing that I was just in the hot sun burning up watching a man change my tire and I'm just tired now. I'm sweaty, I could have made all that excuse and not gone there. I don't smell too good anymore.

I'm so flustered. How am I going to interact feeling like this? But I had to quickly snap out of it because I'm like, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It may not happen again. So you need to train your thoughts to trick yourself. However, to let you know, there's a million dollars in that room. Would you still get in that car and go get it? If so, you need to go, that was my mindset. There's a million dollars in the room, go and get it.

Cause you're not turning that car back around if a million dollars is sitting there for you. God forbid something happened or whatever you're doing in that room. So I had to train myself each day every time you show up, you're showing up to grab that million dollars.

And that's how you got it, it's like a conditioning. And eventually, when you do that, your brain believes it. And next thing you know, boom, a million dollars shows up. It might take a year or two or three. If your manifestation is fast and that shows up in three months, it will show up.

So let's go back to your origin story a little bit now. You mentioned that your mom really taught you a lot about perseverance and being your superhero. I love that so much, but what are some obstacles that you had to encounter in this transition into being a business owner, really going for it? 

What can you share with the listeners about an obstacle you had to overcome?


Overcoming the Sword that Kills Dreams

So doubt for me is a huge obstacle. People around you are doubting you every other day. Like they don't know your potential, only you do.

So when you come up with an idea and it's okay, it's not for them to believe in that idea. They didn't have that idea. You did. So you have to then take that control and really believe in yourself whether or not you're the only person believing in yourself. So doubt is what I call the sword that kills your dreams.

Because if you're always doubting yourself, you have many what-ifs and you may not even get your business started because you're overthinking it now, because you're doubting yourself. You think you don't have the capability and you're already failing before you even started because you're like, I don't want anyone to be like, ‘I told you’ or ‘You wasted your time,’ and you don't want to face that embarrassment.

I started a business, but it didn't do well. So what? You're going to go up and down in any industry. You're going to figure out the kinks, how to tweak it, and how to make it better. Just get it started. Stop overthinking it. Just get it started.

I feel like a lot of people overthink and do not start the business because they care not only that they're afraid that they may fail, but what others would think around them as well. But doubt was one of the biggest obstacles that I had to face and not knowing exactly all the ins and outs. And I realized it was okay.

You learn as you go, but if you never start, you never go. And it's like, how are you going to get a chance to win that lottery ticket? If you never played that type of thing?

So that's something that I think is really powerful for the listeners and I believe in 110 percent is that no one else, this is a really good quote that you said too, but no one else knows your potential, you do. And, I think that is such an important message for the listener. 

So listeners, listen up. You were born with your potential already manifested inside you. Like the full potential of what you can do in this lifetime was born in you when you were growing in your mama.

It's going to be hard for someone else to know that it's intimate inside you. Very much like Joyce, if I let other people dictate what I was capable of, I would not even be hosting this podcast right now. We would not even be here, Becca.

I would not even be here because listen, I have had some naysayers, some doubters. How many times have I been told I'm crazy? That when people tell me I'm crazy, I'm like, that means I got a good idea. 

They're always implementing their fears. They implement their fears and implement them on you. And it's no, those are your fears, mine are a little different. So, someone literally told me – ‘there's no way you can do or work a full-time job and start your business.’ Who said you had to quit your job to start your business or just to get it going? You have 24 hours in a day. 

So if you're working from nine to five, what are you doing from, of course, you need an hour to eat, but in the shower or whatever, what are you doing from six to six, six to ten to eleven? There goes that opportunity. Once you get that going, then you can start weeding yourself out. I just think that people think Oh, you have to make the ultimate sacrifice to start a business. Or if you don't do that, you can't. No, you just gotta get it going. 

However, whether you make it a sacrifice or not, I think that's one of my biggest teaching points in my work, I call it the power of and, but I was like, who said you have to do this or that? Like, and baby. Work full time and do whatever. Even if you're not doing it to make money, but say you want to play in a band or make art or, I don't know.

Who said you have to wait till you retire? Or say you want to start that business. You want to become a realtor or you want to become an influencer or whatever that side thing is. Who said you had to quit your job?

I love what you said – and, because you can do pretty much anything like people think there's a timeline for everything and it really isn't, the timeline is when you start the time, and I stuck by that and transitioned from my full-time job and working real estate. I was doing people who had no idea I had a nine-to-five.

That's how hard I was working in real estate. They were like, you got a job too. I was like, yeah. I kept it for a little bit, great benefits, great people, whatnot, met you. Thank God for that job. 

You and I have been inseparable since, and I made a lot of friends from that full-time job and I even sold them some properties and we've just been close, and I felt what Becca says and it's true, who said you can't do everything else as well?  

So let's go into another question. What's a lesson or an aha that's up for you now?


Letting Go of the Hindrance to Growth 

I have so many aha moments and this is definitely a learning lesson for me because one of my aha moments that I felt was such an enlightenment. That was when I realized you don't have to pay attention to the doubters or the people who hate you or the people who hate your business they're not important.

They're not the ones that are keeping your business going or keeping your lights on. Focus on the people who love you, pouring their energy into you, and helping you both ways where the relationship is beneficial. It took a little bit to realize the people sometimes that you started your business with may not be the same people you still have during and after, or it may be if they were the right, within the right alignment in your future. 

I feel like that's something where it was like, huh? I started the business thinking that, such and such or who or what was going to be there this whole time. Even like a new system for technology, you started off using a specific technology before, and then you're like, wait, this technology is much better,  let me try this again. It goes well down to, you have to just start and then you'll figure out the kinks, but that aha moment knowing that you started that business may not be the same way. Along the line, you're going to find ways to elevate it.

I love that, and another way that I'm going to say for listeners is, what Joyce is talking about is evolving. And you need to evolve in that. 

You said another word that I absolutely love as part of my everyday lingo too, is elevate. Elevate your potential to manifest all that you are and all that you can be. There's an evolution that happens and to elevate your potential, you may have to leave people behind.

You may have to leave a system behind. I would love a world where everything was in harmony and Kumbaya. That doesn't happen unless you're intentional about it. And that does mean you have to cut out the things that are causing you inner disruption. Because as you said, Joyce, that self-doubt and what I'm calling that inner disruption can prevent you from going out and doing the thing. 

And I'm always what's next? So having that aha moment, it was huge because it's like you think this is it, but then it could also be this and that, and the other and more. And I was like, whatever it is that I'm uncomfortable with, or I'm not accustomed to, let's do it.

Survival of the fit, survival of the fittest, whoever started with me then, are you still trucking along? Okay. You made it, let's go. We're doing this together because we have that vision together. And if you didn't, then much love and wish you success and happiness.

It's okay to love from a distance.

I love that you said, it's okay. Cause I thought I lost friends, like even in this whole coming out, but my coming out was I'm an author, I'm a speaker. And it really threw a lot of people for a loop who only knew me as a full-time leader. I did lose some friends in the process, but fast forward. Now I'm going on three years of doing this and wow, together, both of us three years. 

Fast forward three years. some of the friendships that I thought I lost or boomerang, back. And that doesn't mean that I have to take them back to the same level we had before, but that goes to evolution. People evolve, we evolve, and you get to choose who you keep in your circle to help you continue.

I love what you said but there's more. And I love how you said you get to choose because you do. You get to choose, you are the CEO of Becca's book guys. If you guys haven't read it, it's a must. 

Let me tell you, I had such a great time reading that book. You said it, you are the CEO of your life, like treated as such a higher fire. Mind you, you're not doing it to be a callous person. It's definitely genuine that you want everybody there of course, while you're winning.

If it's hindering negatively, if it's negatively impacting you, it's no longer healthy, and it becomes a little bit more detrimental to your goals, your vision, your alignment of where you're going, both of us should part ways, and maybe see you later, or maybe if you don't see you guys later, it's okay. It's called evolving. 

I think we've done a good job of having an empowering conversation today, but what is an empowering thought you could share with the listeners if they are in a position of chasing their dreams or considering going for what's next in their lives?

Being Comfortable with Uncomfortable

So you have to assume that no one knows anything and what you're trying to do because they don't know your potential. Only you do. So for me, it's what's next, but how to make quality turn into something more, right? Again, the word more. So starting the business, I realized personally and professionally, I knew I wanted more for myself, but also through the business, trying to get everyone else, like training my agents to want that from themselves is different.

Sometimes that person may not have that to where you can't. So are they self-driven? Great. You can take the horse to the water, but you can't make them drink. But what I say is it takes a community of teamwork and networking and just growing in that aspect to take your business to the next level.

So if you're shy, get out of that, get out of that shyness. You can't have a business and be shy. It just doesn't work, and even if you were an introvert, some people feel like people are supposed to say, oh, okay, they're introverts. If you're an introvert, I'm sorry. You're going to have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in your business.

You're not wrong because especially with social media, you have to find a way to not only be disruptive but be seen. And if you're not, I'm just using social media as an example, but that goes for if you're running a business networking, and that social media is just like one aspect, but join groups, get out there, and meet people.

We're going back to where we started this conversation. You got to show up because if not, it’s like, well, there goes that million dollars she let fly away. So, get comfortable with being uncomfortable when you're starting your business.

And I always say if Beyonce, who's already a billionaire, or a millionaire. If Rihanna, who's already a billionaire, and she's still advertising herself. If she's a billionaire already and she's advertising her business, her Fenty, her savage line, and all. What do you think you should be doing? Get out there. 

Jeff vessels,  he makes what, like a hundred million a night, a gazillion, and he's still advertising. He's still putting himself out there. 

You ever see the fittest person still going to the gym and you're like, why are you still going to the gym? You're already fit. It's one thing to get there. It's another thing to keep it. So you gotta keep it going. So that's my advice to the listeners who want to start their business.

A, if you just got to start, just jump. Like Steve Harvey said, just jump. Have that leap of faith. Nobody has your vision. And B, Be comfortable with being uncomfortable, advertise yourself, promote yourself. 

I have so many secrets to let the listeners know.

I want you cause, we have a good local base. So Joyce and I are in South Florida, but we also have a worldwide audience. And with you being the owner of the brokerage and the realty firm, you can assist people over and beyond South Florida. And especially if they're out of the state or out of the country and they're looking to buy in South Florida, Joyce is your girl.

Life is short and we work so hard, so I feel like I can't just make all this magic and not enjoy the magic.

You have to take time to enjoy the magic that you just created. Like some people forget to celebrate the small ones. You also got to celebrate the small ones and the big ones throughout the whole journey of your business but that's where you guys can find me.


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