Level Up Your Leadership with Life Coaching Skills with Master Life Coach and Best-Selling Author, Nancy Levin

Episode 26 - APPROVED

Have you ever been in such a low point in life that you thought it’s almost impossible to get back up?

A heartache. A loss. Breaking up of an important relationship.

Life isn’t always gonna promise happiness, success, fulfillment, and all the lavish things we’d wish to have. There’s always gonna be a struggle. But that doesn’t mean they only bring ugliness. Sometimes, they’re catalysts for change too.

At least, that’s the discovery of our guest, Master Life Coach and author Nancy Levin, when she experienced her life’s biggest crisis. It was painful and grueling, but it’s a life-changer. It made her commit into a deep self-introspection and reconnect with her lost self, slowly allowing her to build and regain her broken pieces.

That reclaiming of the bits and pieces of herself made her understand her true gift: the skill of coaching and bringing back the POWER to her clients.

Personally, Nancy’s program has made me discover the POWER that allowed me to become a better leader, understanding people’s triggers, their stories, and how these impact their decision-making.

Ready to reclaim your POWER and tap on your own inner wisdom? 

Listen to this episode as Nancy Levin educates us on why coaching isn’t just about giving advice but should instead be a crucial skill a leader must hone.

Thoughts to Empower 

  • “I believed that having no boundaries was what made me exceptional at my job, so I had to really learn how to validate myself, how to put myself first, how to create structure around my non-negotiables, how to get really clear on my own limits around what is okay and what's not okay for me instead of constantly being in service to everyone else.” - Nancy Levin
  • “I lost myself. So, the whole process really has been around reclaiming these lost pieces of me to be able to come back to wholeness and utilize my own experience to help others.” - Nancy Levin
  • “It is really a vital and essential skill for all leaders to have—coaching skills are leadership skills.” - Nancy Levin
  • “When you're a leader, people mimic you. People look up to you. And when you do the work on yourself first, you emulate differently.” - Becca Powers
  • “By staying with what's true for me, it gives other people permission to do what's true for them.” - Nancy Levin
  • “We have to really stay open to the capacity we have for constant change.” - Nancy Levin
  • “Our actions are what create our future.” - Nancy Levin
  • “If we are willing to own our own responsibility, there's no room for blame. There's no room for victimhood and there's no room for shame. Because if I'm consciously choosing something, then it means I am in alignment with it.” - Nancy Levin
  • “Coaching is not advice giving. Coaching is guiding another person to their own answers within their own inner wisdom.” - Nancy Levin
  • “What is powerful about coaching is that as we coach, in some ways, it is like my duty to return your power to you. To really have you own and take responsibility for your own power instead of giving it away to anybody else.” - Nancy Levin

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How crises can become catalysts for change
  • Self-reflection and peeling back the layers of one’s personality
  • What fueled the creation of Levin Life Coach Academy
  • Why coaching skills are a vital and essential skill for leaders to have
  • Nancy’s biggest ‘aha’ moment as a life coach
  • The Art of Change, A Guided Journal: 8 Weeks to Making a Meaningful Shift in Your Life
  • How our choice determine our future
  • What owning your choices mean
  • Why it's important for coaches to be agenda-free
  • Life coaching skills as a tool to live an emPOWERed life

About Nancy Levin:

Nancy Levin is a Certified Master Coach, podcast host and bestselling author of several books. Formerly the Event Director at Hay House for over a decade, Nancy is the founder of Levin Life Coach Academy offering in-depth coaching, training and certification programs designed to support current and aspiring coaches to build sustainable businesses and help change lives, including their own!

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