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Episode 10 - APPROVED

Video is a powerful tool.  

Capturing moments and recording them in a video has become accessible and easier now more than ever. Through smartphones or affordable cameras, anyone can turn their perceptions and imaginations into reality by creating high-quality videos and sharing them to the world, all for the hopes of  expressing, entertaining, and inspiring.

But many people consider making videos a challenging endeavor, and imposter syndrome easily gets in.

"What if they judge me?" 

"I am not skilled at this."

Tell me, you're thinking along the same lines, aren’t you? 

Overcome these fears by turning them into strength and inspiration! The truth is, the art of video creation can unleash your confidence and will allow you to explore endless possibilities of self-improvement and connections.

Crafting a video empowers you: It challenges you to be real, to communicate with others, and to broadcast your creations to a global audience.

That's why I am thrilled to have Tracy Phillips with me in this episode as she shares her journey to becoming a video and visibility expert. Tracy trains and collaborates with individuals who desire to utilize the video platform to connect to a global audience.

By creating a video, you're stepping outside of your comfort zone. So if you want to be confident and visible in your craft, consider creating a video today!

Thoughts to Empower 

  • "Being behind the camera does not equate to being amazing on camera." – Tracy Phillips
  • "You're not going to be great at it at first." – Tracy Phillips
  • “People remember 95% of a video message, compared to 10% if that same message is written.” – Tracy Phillips
  • “When people start to do video, they do it with commitment, and they decide they're going to be consistent.”  – Tracy Phillips
  • "You don't have to do what everybody else is doing." – Tracy Phillips
  • “You get internal clarity and confidence as soon as you start doing a video.” – Becca Powers

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Tracy’s Test Magical service
  • How to achieve success in video marketing
  • Starting  small in video creation
  • What is expectation gap
  • Embracing the suck and negativities
  • Consistency and commitment in making videos

About Tracy Phillips:

Tracy Phillips is an Emmy-nominated video and visibility expert who trains and works with CEOs, key opinion leaders, medical professionals, visionaries, and best-selling authors who want to use their visibility to impact their internal and global audiences.

Tracy's "laugh and learn" style of presenting has made her a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, and workshop facilitator. Her clients include New York Times best-selling authors and Fortune 500 companies.

Her presentation recipe is one part motivation and two parts learning, peppered with moments of real, raw, and unexpected humor.

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