Ignite Your Purpose and Harness Your Inner CEO with Becca Powers

Ignite Your Purpose and Harness Your Inner CEO with Becca Powers

Have you ever wondered how you can harness your inner CEO by letting go of guilt and claiming your self-worth? In this episode, Camille welcomes Becca Powers, a hi-tech sales executive and best-selling author, speaker, and career/life coach. She is the author of the book, Harness Your Inner CEO, which helps guide women in business to have the confidence they need to live life with empowerment, passion, and prosperity. 

Becca shares her journey from how she started at a career in tech sales and moved into a new job where she overworked herself and lost her self-worth. She shares how she was able to find the courage to leave that job to return to a career in tech sales and have time for her family and her side business. She shares her advice on how to avoid burnout by setting boundaries, how you can set your priorities based on the ladder of self-worth, and how you can embrace your opportunities for expansion. She also talks about the process of how she became an author.

If you’re thinking about ways to harness your inner CEO, tune into this episode to hear Becca’s journey and advice on how to improve your self-worth, expand your business, and achieve a work-life balance.

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