How to Reach Peak Performance Minus the Burnout with TV Personality & Keynote Speaker Aria Johnson

How to Reach Peak Performance Minus the Burnout with Aria Johnson

When you prioritize yourself, you don't have to wait until rock bottom to kickstart your journey to self-love. 

The transformation can begin now—simply by saying yes to yourself and making conscious choices that align with your well-being. When we treat our bodies with the kindness and attention they deserve, it not only increases our well-being but also sets the stage for personal growth and success.

Attaining peak performance and reaching new heights doesn't have to be a one-way ticket to burnout. We can ascend to the top without succumbing to exhaustion through the intentional practice of self-love. By actively and consciously caring for ourselves, true happiness becomes a tangible goal when we make deliberate choices in prioritizing self-care on our journey toward personal fulfillment.

Take it from today’s episode guest, Aria Johnson, a television personality, award-winning recording artist, owner of The Golden Voice, and a keynote speaker who shares her inspiring story on how she turned health, career and relationship crisis into opportunities for self love. Her passion lies in helping people avoid hitting rock bottom before prioritizing themselves. 

In our conversation, we delve into overcoming challenges, embracing self-love, thriving without burnout, and more!

So, don't miss out—tune in NOW as part of saying a resounding YES to yourself!

Thoughts to emPOWER:

  • “Change your life so that you don't have to hit the bottom because not everyone has to go there but everyone will go there if they don't take care of themselves.” — Aria Johnson
  • “I’ve had to learn that I can't live at that high of a level without self care.”  — Aria Johnson
  • “Self love is more than just saying, I'll look good today.”  — Aria Johnson
  • “Put things in place to take care of yourself so that you can keep going, so that you can perform at a peak level.”  — Aria Johnson
  • “Peak performance minus the burnout.”  — Aria Johnson
  • “You have to visualize your success before it happens.”  — Aria Johnson 
  • “Present you determines whose future you are going to be.”  — Aria Johnson
  • “Don't let your past ruin your future.”  — Aria Johnson
  • “Happiness begins every day by saying yes to ourselves, and by saying yes to the right choice.”  — Aria Johnson
  • “Self love begins with those little things that we treat ourselves every single day, the little promises we keep to ourselves.”  — Aria Johnson
  • “Take care of yourself and love yourself.”  — Aria Johnson
  • “You had to start giving yourself your own CPR.” — Becca Powers
  • “I don't want to see another woman on the bathroom floor.” — Becca Powers

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The challenges that Aria went through to become the version of herself today
  • How pressure to "Do It All" can lead you to health crisis
  • The importance of putting yourself first and having boundaries to maintain well-being
  • Aria’s framework for self-care and preventing burnout such as ice baths, sauna, breathing and more
  • Three P’s of meditation: Past, Present and Potential 
  • How visualization brings our goals and dreams come to success
  • Aria’s deep passion in guiding women towards happiness and fulfillment through self-love and positive choices.
  • Turning challenges into growth through conscious choices for self-love

About Aria Johnson:

Aria Johnson is a Celebrity Voice Coach, Television Personality and Speaker. She is best known for her starring role as the music expert on “Beverly Hills Pawn,” the #1 show on Reelz channel for 5 seasons, airing in 83 countries. As a former touring recording artist, Aria has devoted her later career to Artist Development and Vocal Coaching; she teaches young celebrities how to make a positive impact on the world through music. 

Her team’s efforts have resulted in multi-platinum record sales, over 50 million album sales and 100 million views on YouTube, collaborating with artists from every major label.

Currently Aria has a travel/adventure show on Discovery Channel called “Nature Is Fly”, where her family does things like walk on slack lines over canyons and come face to face with great white sharks.

As a speaker Aria’s passion is to inspire audiences to love themselves, motivate them to reach their highest potential, and help them transform into who they were BORN to be.

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