How to Identify Stage 1 of Burnout: The "Unders"

How to Identify Stage 1 of Burnout_The Unders

I appreciate all that I do. I am good enough just as I am. I speak up for myself, I ask for what I want. I claim my power.

- Louise Hay -

Burnout is real and will prevail in your life if you keep tolerating it or denying to yourself that you are, in fact, burnt out. We need to rise against the unders of burnout instead of just accepting what should be unacceptable. Now is the time to take action against it so it doesn’t take over our lives.

Developing self-awareness is an essential step in acknowledging burnout. Recognizing and anticipating the first stage of burnout or the unders will help you overcome it. One way to do this is to stop being a people pleaser and start diverting your attention to yourself. You have to believe that you are good enough and you approve of yourself. It’s time to claim your power!

In this episode, Becca sheds light on the first stage of burnout or the unders and how it leads to the next stage. She shares some examples that trigger the unders by providing real-life scenarios. She also helps people evaluate themselves using a rating scale to know if they are not experiencing burnout or if they are getting closer to it. Hence, early detection is the best prevention for burnout.

Take Inspiration From These Lessons: 

  • Burnout is not something that we should power through or tolerate. We should not dwell over burnout all the time, we have to realize that there is a whole big life out there and learn to be alive.
  • There are things to ponder when it comes to what’s working and what’s not working in your life, but you must remember that you deserve to fly high and live your best life.
  • People get into the overs of burnout when they learn how to put the mask on or to show up differently just to get the acceptance and validation that they are seeking.
  • Admitting that you are experiencing burnout is not a sign of weakness, instead, it shows your courage to overcome burnout.
  • When people feel unseen, unheard, and underappreciated, they go into perfectionism to prove they are valuable.

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