How Finding a Way is Totally Possible with Siri Lindley

Episode 14 - APPROVED

“I was at that point in my life where I had finally found my freedom. 

Freedom from my disempowering stories. Freedom from my anxiety. 

Freedom from all the pains that every single human being on this planet has.” 

- Siri Lindley

True transformation involves more than adopting surface-level practices; it requires a profound shift from within. By cultivating a mindset of joy and gratitude, developing self-awareness, and embracing our passions, we can genuinely transform ourselves and radiate contagious positivity. 

In this episode, I’m honored to be joined by Siri Lindley, former #1-ranked triathlete in the world, a two-time world champion, and winner of twelve ITU World Cup races. Listening to Siri has opened my eyes to so many valuable lessons, such as vulnerability and willingness to share your stories of struggles, focusing on everything that's right versus everything that's wrong, and understanding that the pain and discomfort of leaning into something that doesn't feel true to you are so much less than the pain of staying where you are.

Siri could not have stated it better when she dropped this gem: Every moment, every breath is this miracle, this gift. And oftentimes I could be in the midst of a stressful day, but all I have to do is put my hand on my heart and get present at the moment and think, “Wow, I'm alive! I get to live this life.” It’s a mindblowing mental shift that we all need to take to enjoy the possibilities and beauty that life has to offer.

As we own this transformative journey, we become living embodiments of joy and gratitude, inspiring others and creating a life filled with authentic fulfillment.

Listen to this episode and explore the power of embracing imperfection, finding connection through shared struggles, and discovering the beauty of limitless possibilities in our unique paths.

Thoughts to Empower 

  • "This world needs honest and vulnerable stories." — Siri Lindley
  • "Being vulnerable and willing to share our struggles gives other people hope that it really is possible for them." — Siri Lindley
  • "Success is progress and failure." — Siri Lindley
  • "You must write the story that you want to live and then become that person." — Siri Lindley 
  • "It's so easy to get stuck in the negative narrative" — Becca Powers 
  • "Nobody's going to come in and fix it for you. So work has to be done within you." — Siri Lindley
  • "Be present for the magic of every moment." — Siri Lindley

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Success is not only about progress but also includes failure
  • How changing our narrative and giving ourselves a different story can tap into a resilient power
  • No one can fix our story for us; the work of changing it must be done internally.
  • How vulnerability allows for authentic connections
  • Storytelling can inspire others
  • How to show up and live as the person we aspire to be

About Siri Lindley:

Siri Lindley is a two-time world champion triathlete and winner of twelve ITU World Cup races. She retired as the #1-ranked triathlete in the world, a place she held for more than two years. Today, as the top female triathlon coach in the world, she’s guided Olympic medalists and Ironman champions to not only become better athletes but also better people. 

Siri is also a highly acclaimed life coach and one of Tony Robbins' 10 favorite motivational speakers. With an infectious and authentic passion, she empowers audiences to strive for peak performance and to work through and ultimately conquer the demons of fear and self-doubt.

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