How Everything Thrives When You Thrive

Episode 1 - APPROVED

There is power in every story.

And so as I begin our journey together here in The EmPOWERed Half Hour, let me share mine.

Life has its ups and downs. And it’s funny how sometimes when we think we’re on the road to achieving that much-desired success—we’re busy, we have a successful career, leading our teams, achieving quotas and all that—that we find ourselves in our lowest lows. We’re losing time for our loved ones; we’re no longer fulfilled; burnout is nudging; we don’t feel purposeful anymore.

But in the moment of utter hopelessness is where we also discover the power within us.

I hold onto that power until now, and that’s why I’m here, using this platform in order to touch lives and empower others. 

There are so many stories I wish to share with you: stories of highs and lows, of losses and triumphs, of overcoming and thriving. So sit back and listen to The EmPOWERed Half Hour.

Thoughts to Empower 

  • “It's in these stories that the lessons are revealed. You get to understand where people may have had challenges, how they overcame them.” – Becca Powers
  • “When people find themselves in other people's stories, these stories are ten times more empowering, motivating, and triggering.” – Becca Powers
  • “As I was laying there in what I would consider my most powerless moment, I had the most powerful thought: I'm the CEO of my life. It gave me the inner empowerment and courage to stand up.” – Becca Powers
  • “I rose up a different woman than the one that went down.” – Becca Powers

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How sharing stories empowers others
  • The Empowered Half Hour: The Backstory and Genesis
  • My successful yet severely exhausting career in corporate America
  • My most powerless moment
  • How hopelessness leads to the moment of thriving

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