How Creativity Can Be the Key to Unlock Limitless Joy with Kate Volman

Episode 5 - APPROVED

I hate to say it, but I’ll say it. We live in a world where passion and creativity are often sidelined because tenacity in the workplace is rewarded instead. We’re so used to killing ourselves at work so we can stay ahead - or even just to keep afloat - and in the process, we neglect our inner child and are unable to tap into the ability to dream, imagine, build and express.  

This week, my good friend Kate Volmon joins me on the show and shares some sacred thoughts we should all keep in mind: 

We are all creative. We are all artists. We are all meant to create.

So it is not a question of if, but how and when. As Kate shares, that creativity is inside all of us, ready to be unleashed for the world to witness. And this artistry can be in the form of a painting or digital art. It could be a song you’ve composed based on something you’ve experienced in the past. It could be a book chronicling some of your most insightful discoveries that so many others can learn from. Or it could even be a podcast like this that evokes a strong sense of calling to live a life of joy, freedom and peace.

This episode is filled with Kate’s life-changing experiences and nuggets of wisdom about awakening the inner creatives within us. While igniting our creativity may not always come naturally, we need to tap into the elements that bring our inner creatives  to life. Join us and be inspired to let your creativity guide you down the path to limitless joy and a deep sense of empowerment.

Thoughts to Empower 

  • “When we create, it does so much for us, not only personally, but professionally. It just allows us to express ourselves in so many different ways.” - Kate Volman
  • “I can be creative in my life. We are all creative and artists.”  - Kate Volman
  • “When we think about our creativity, we don't think about what's the return on creating. - Kate Volman
  • "Creativity is a process, and you have to be okay with being mediocre." - Kate Volman
  • “When was the last time you felt joy in your life? That is what your creativity will do for: it will immediately bring that joy back to your life.” - Kate Volman
  •  “You can turn bad work into something magical.”  - Kate Volman

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The story behind Kate writing "Do What You Love"
  • How all of us have innate creativity in ourselves
  • Kate’s creativity progress which led her to a wonderful journey
  • How creative pursuits work towards your passion
  • How we can use inspiration to spark creativity within us
  • Debunking common myths on what blocks our creative inspirations

About Kate Volman:

Kate Volman is the CEO of Floyd Coaching. With over twenty years of experience in developing and leading life-changing programs for entrepreneurs and leaders, she has a passion for helping people grow. In addition to serving on the leadership team for multiple organizations throughout her career, she also used her entrepreneurial skills to start and run a boutique marketing firm.

Her enthusiasm and passion for helping people explore their creativity both personally and professionally make her a sought-after speaker, trainer, and executive coach. She leverages her knowledge and experience in personal development and company culture to help people live more fulfilling lives. Kate is the author of Do What You Love: A Guide to Living Your Creative Life Without Leaving Your Job. She is the host of two podcasts: Create For No Reason and Lead With Culture.

Kate is a multi-passionate leader, fitness enthusiast, podcaster, content creator, book lover, and author.

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