How Astrology is Your Tour Guide to Fulfilling Your Destiny with Vibrational Astrologist Melissa Marcum

Episode 39 - APPROVED

Have you ever wondered how the seemingly distant worlds of planets and stars could hold the key to guiding your life's journey and revealing deeper facets of your true self?

It's interesting how those celestial bodies are not just created to adorn the night sky with their beauty but also to be our guiding lights in the profound tapestry of existence, illuminating the path to self-discovery through Vibrational Astrology.

Think of it as having a cosmic friend in the form of your birth chart, there to guide you on your life's journey. But remember, it doesn't dictate your life because you're the one in charge and you are still the one in control.

Your birth chart is a blueprint, not a destiny carved in stone.

In this episode, you'll gain insight into Vibrational astrologist Melissa Marcum's profound passion for astrology and her wealth of wisdom. She guides us toward self-discovery, emPOWERment, and realizing our true potential. Melissa employs astrology as our guiding star on a journey of self-definition and authenticity within life's cosmic orchestration.

Thoughts to Empower 

  • “The chart doesn't define me, I define the chart.” — Melissa Marcum
  • “You're just using the chart as a guide. I'm not here to tell your fortune or your future.” — Melissa Marcum
  • “You already know it, it’s about you stepping into what you have to work on, and the chart is just the guide — I’m confirming what you already know about yourself.” — Melissa Marcum
  • “Everything can be balanced if it's used in the right way, so that it doesn't harm society.” — Melissa Marcum
  • “It's a hard journey because it's not going to be something that you more or less instinctually fear but once you get there, your complete existence shifts in a very positive way.”— Melissa Marcum
  • “Everything we have come here to be and express is already within us. — Becca Powers
  • “The more you access the truth of who you are, the less you are controlled by the media.” — Becca Powers
  • “Words as a guidance, but I am not going to hold them as the ultimate truth — my experience will be the ultimate truth.” — Becca Power

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Vibrational Astrology as the soulful fusion of planetary influences
  • Astrology serves as a soul guide, not the answer to everything
  • Knowing what to focus on in a given year through the yearly transit chart
  • Melissa's journey from her love for astrology to becoming a Vibrational Astrologist
  • Recognizing that every chart is unique
  • Understanding the significance of nodes and their connection to an individual's life purpose
  • The chart doesn’t define us; we define the chart
  • How ego hinders connection to the higher self
  • Celestial Executives: Astrology for Women on the Rise — Elevating women's inner potential beyond roles
  • Melissa's love for the complexity and depth of Astrology
  • How astrology emPOWERs people to embrace their authentic selves
  • Tapping into your north node energy for self-discovery

About Melissa Marcum:

Professional astrologer Melissa Marcum was first drawn to astrology during her childhood in Coral Springs, Florida. As early as age nine, she began studying birth dates for anyone willing to share. 

Melissa has studied Astrology with Carol Cummings as well as other well-known astrologers. Her approach is to combine spiritual understanding with practical action. She also views astrology as a universal language through which the unique elements that make each of us who are can be discussed, understood, and developed. 

Melissa is an avid ongoing student always pursuing new interpretations to describe planetary influences. She excels in the intimate one-on-one consultation, a setting that is supportive of self-awareness and personal growth.

Connect with Melissa Marcum:

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