Guts, Glitter and Grandma

Guts, Glitter and Grandma

Who do you look up to? What qualities does he or she possess? Do you honor that person? Most of us have that one person who we look up to and admire. One person who inspires us, molds us, and influences us into who we are now. That person could be the incredible woman in our lives, like our mother and grandmother. And if you are waiting for the perfect timing to honor them, now is the ideal moment to do it.

There will always be people in our lives who have a ton of lessons and things that we can adapt and take into our lives to make us better. And for Becca, that person is no other than her Grandmother, to whom she also dedicates this episode in time of the Mother’s Day Celebration. When she thinks of her grandma, she thinks of guts and glitter and that is what stands out to her. It was her grandmother who built her foundations in life and motivated her to become a high achiever. In our lives, we also have that same person who will serve as our compass. A person who will remind us that we can dream but we also need to take action. Someone who will create an atmosphere where we all can love each other and just feel included.

Becca dedicates this episode to her admirable grandma whom she also gave full credit for instilling in their family the belief that people need to have a sense of belonging to rise and thrive. If people don’t have a strong sense of belonging in their family of origin, they can explore different ways to feel belonging. She also talks about her grandmother’s guts and glitter which encouraged her to go after everything she wanted in life but without sacrifice. In addition, it's also important to pay respect to the people who have paved the path for us to have these bad-ass careers and a place at the table. Thus, if you have someone in your life that has really stood out for you and you still have a chance to thank them, you have to do it now.

Take Inspiration From These Lessons: 

  • We need to feel like we belong to something in order to really rise and thrive in life.
  • You can dream, but then you also need to take action.
  • It takes guts to break the mold, break ceilings, to do your best at things, even when you're tired.
  • There are always people in our lives that have a ton of lessons and things that we can adapt and take into our lives to make us a better person.

Wisdom To Live By:

  • Everybody needs a sense of belonging. But belongings are found in communities. So explore different ways that you can create belonging if you don't have a strong sense of belonging in your family of origin.
  • We could be a little obsessive and take things a little too far when achieving something but we have to work towards success without sacrifice.
  • “I can decide today to recalibrate my energy. And commit to love and enjoy,” by Gabby Bernstein.

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