Estrogen is a B*tch and so is Breast Implant Illness with Functional Medicine Practitioner, Kate Vazquez

Episode 32 - APPROVED

It’s supposed to be healthcare, not sick care. 

Our healing journey sometimes feels like it's caught in the web of traditional medical practices. You know, the ones that have shaped our thoughts about staying healthy.

But here's the kicker: in our quest for that genuine, lasting healing, we can totally miss the real reasons behind our health bumps and bruises. It's like they're hiding in plain sight as we're living in an age of quick fixes and those temporary 'feel better now' solutions, which often steal the spotlight. 

True healing isn't just about feeling better for a moment; it's about transforming our lives for good. It's about digging deep to discover what's been holding us back and making changes that will resonate through our entire journey.

Seeking out those real solutions, to put in the work, and to uncover the true path to healing. Because when we do, we're not just fixing what's broken; we're unlocking our full potential and creating a life that's healthier, happier, and more vibrant.

And like for many women’s health journey, breast implants and the influence of hormones like estrogen have played significant roles in their health experiences, affecting everything from mood and physical appearance to metabolism and overall wellness.

In this episode, Kate Vazquez, a Functional Medicine Practitioner explores the challenges of estrogen and breast implant illness, sharing how her transition from Western medicine to holistic approaches, along with her experiences with birth control and deep dive into the realm of hormones, has equipped her with invaluable insights into the complexities of women's health.

Listen NOW and know more about why estrogen is a b*tch and so is breast implant illness!

Thoughts to Empower 

  • “Functional medicine really opened my eyes and it really helped me to heal.” - Kate Vazquez
  • “Food is medicine.” - Kate Vazquez
  • “It's so important to understand our hormones — understand how to track it because our hormones are constantly fluctuating throughout the cycle”  - Kate Vazquez
  • “It was a long journey of healing, but the healing is possible.” - Becca Powers
  •  “I think more women should be educated. It's for their looks and wanting to feel better.”  - Kate Vazquez
  • “Love who you are and if your partner doesn't love you for who you are and how you look like they might be with the wrong partner.”  - Kate Vazquez
  • Breast implants impact our hormones too — these toxins, these chemicals are attaching to our estrogen receptors in the body all over.”  - Kate Vazquez
  • “The key to really start is to make little tweaks and little changes.”  - Kate Vazquez
  •  “Love is a frequency of healing”  - Kate Vazquez
  • “We are freaking incredible healing machines.” - Becca Powers
  • “When we are healed, we literally radiate from the inside out.”  - Kate Vazquez
  • “Healing does take time” - Kate Vazquez
  • “That gratitude, that frequency of love and healing, that's what causes that healing to happen.” - Kate Vazquez

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Transition from Western Medicine to Functional Medicine: Kate Vazquez’s journey towards root-cause healing
  • How everything in the body is interconnected and related
  • The healing power of food: Restoring gut health and balancing cortisol
  • Shifting from survival mode to thriving for optimal health
  • Understanding the impact of birth control on hormonal balance
  • Breast implants have expiration dates
  • How estrogen receptors influence hormone testing, including thyroid function
  • The immune responses, autoimmune-like effects, and hormonal consequences of breast implants
  • The Trifecta of Health: Body, mind, and emotions
  • The radiance of healing
  • Trusting intuition and being your advocate

About Kate Vazquez:

Kate Vazquez is a former Physician Assistant who left western medicine to become a functional medicine practitioner, mentor, speaker, author, and thought leader. She is the founder of Radiant by Design, where she blends functional medicine, human design, and nervous system regulation for a unique approach that cultivates a deeper healing of the mind, body, and spirit. She guides women to overcome stress and imbalances in their body so they can embrace the radiance of who they truly are.

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