Emotional Intelligence to Elevate and emPOWER Your Life with Author, Dr. Pat Baxter

Episode 37 - APPROVED

Have you ever been told you're 'too emotional'?

It's a phrase many of us have encountered at some point in our lives. But what if we told you that those very emotions, often seen as 'too much,' are not a weakness but a source of incredible strength and emPOWERment?

Emotions are not a bad thing; in fact, they're an essential part of what makes us human. They're like the notes in a symphony, each contributing to the richness and depth of the music of our lives. They provide us with vital information, guiding us through the intricate dance of human experience.

And when we learn to understand and control our emotions, we gain mastery over this symphony, allowing us to conduct our lives with grace and purpose, ultimately elevating and emPOWERing our existence!

In this enlightening episode, you'll hear the inspiring story of Dr. Pat Baxter, who, like many of us, was once told she was 'too emotional.' But instead of letting those words define her, she chose a different path. Dr. Pat harnessed her emotions as a source of strength and embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery.

Thoughts to Empower 

  • “There is something intelligent about Emotions, how you use them and how they use you” - Dr. Pat Baxter
  •  “It's the brain that's the final frontier.” - Dr. Pat Baxter
  • “You realize emotions are part of the hand you are dealt,  however, it's how you play that hand.” - Dr. Pat Baxter
  • “Emotional makeup is part of your leadership profile.” - Dr. Pat Baxter
  • “People will follow you if they believe you.”- Dr. Pat Baxter
  • “Maybe your too muchness is actually the thing that's special about you” - Becca Powers
  • “Your behavior is the indication of how this culture goes.” - Dr. Pat Baxter
  • “All of our emotions are guideposts.” - Becca Powers
  • “Emotional intelligence is emPOWERing once you understand that emotions were given to us for many reasons.” - Dr. Pat Baxter
  • “You can let your emotions guide you in a much different way that's healthier for you.” - Becca Powers
  • “The more that we are self-aware, the more that we can pause to choose” - Becca Powers

Key Points From This Episode:

  • From "Too Emotional" to a Doctorate: Dr. Pat Baxter's Journey
  • Embracing Your Past as the Path to Emotional Growth
  • emPOWERing Women Leaders through Emotional Intelligence
    • Mastering Emotional Awareness
    • Emotional Makeup as Part of Your Leadership Profile
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Emotional Control
  • Teaching Emotional Intelligence through Demonstration
  • Recognizing Emotions as Non-negative Entities
  • Identifying Emotional Triggers for Better Control
  • Distinguishing Reality from Emotional Responses
  • How Emotional Intelligence Leads to emPOWERment

About Dr. Pat Baxter:

Dr. Patricia (Pat) Baxter, an accomplished Executive Coach, Author, and Podcast Guest, draws from over 30 years of invaluable corporate experience as a global Talent leader and consultant. 

She now serves as an executive coach to leaders, helping them gain comfort and competence with emotional intelligence (EI) .

She holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership, as well as an MS in Education from the City University of New York. She is also certified in numerous validated assessments.

Dr. Pat is a recipient of the prestigious Society of Emotional Intelligence Ambassador award; is certified by the National Wellness Institute to teach resilience and thriving, and proudly serves on the advisory board of Global Well Being for Women (GW4W.org).

She has contributed to two anthologies; authored 3 books – the most recent on Emotional Intelligence in the Hybrid workplace. Currently, Dr. Pat is writing about how women at all levels can use the skill of delegation to propel their success.

In addition to her professional achievements, Dr. Pat is fully bilingual in Spanish and has cultivated a global perspective through her work around the world. One of her cherished experiences includes teaching Korean businessmen in the south of France.

On a personal note, Dr. Pat celebrates 49 years of marriage to her veteran husband-hero, a love story that began in high school. She is also renowned for her culinary talents, particularly her world-class lasagna.

Other Resources:

Order the book: “Cool Change” and “101 Ways to Grow an Awesome & Resilient Team Using Emotional Intelligence”

Connect with Dr. Pat Baxter:

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