Choosing Love for Yourself with Love Advocate and Best-Selling Author, Scott Stabile

Choosing Love For Yourself With Love Advocate Scott Stabile

You are more than enough just as you are, so choose love.

When we dive into the realm of love, we're embracing everything—kindness, compassion, empathy, and even the anger, toxicity, and all the messy parts.

Choosing love is about recognizing and embracing all of our experiences, turning them into stepping stones for growth, and empowering us to navigate life's twists and turns with resilience and a touch of grace.

This isn't about brushing off challenging emotions; it's about facing them head-on with love and compassion. This transformative approach not only helps us learn and heal but also strengthens our connection with ourselves and those around us.

In this episode, Scott Stabile, a passionate love advocate and a New World Library author who wrote the book "Enough As You Are," talks about the transformative power of love. He shares the origins of his book, delving into the personal journey that inspired its creation, highlights the transformative ability of choosing love and its importance in fostering meaningful connections. He believes that the genuine capacity to love others begins with cultivating a strong foundation of self-love.

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Thoughts to Empower:

  • “When I talk about love, I'm talking about everything.” — Scott Stabile
  • “Whenever I'm aligned with love, I feel better in my being.” — Scott Stabile
  • “The act of love is always an act of service. You are always being of service when you're choosing to show up with compassion and love for another.” — Scott Stabile
  • “It is within your power to offer yourself love and compassion and grace.” — Scott Stabile
  • “When I know I've got my back, I know I have my back.” — Scott Stabile
  • “The power of love, I see it as our greatest healer and without it, healing is not a possibility.” — Scott Stabile
  • “Without love, healing does not get created.”  — Scott Stabile
  • “The more in love with ourselves, the more love we naturally have to extend to others.” — Scott Stabile
  • “When you allow yourself to go deeper within, you do connect with love and you do connect with your gifts and your talents.” — Becca Powers
  • “When you can open up to love and you can open up to compassion, you get to see things in different lights.” — Becca Powers
  • “We deserve to be able to tell ourselves nice things and to give ourselves grace and to try and fail and not have to feel so much guilt and shame around it.” — Becca Powers

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Scott came up with the mantra  “Enough as you are”
  • Forgiveness and compassion through the power of empathy 
  • How Transformational breathwork practice helped Scott in his healing journey
  • Choosing love can transform hatred into compassion
  • The importance of self-love in fostering connection with ourselves
  • Understanding that the inner critic is part of being human
  • Allowing unfortunate experiences to happen instead of shaming ourselves
  • Self healing is not possible without love
  • Loving others starts from within

About Scott Stabile:

Scott Stabile is the author of Enough as You Are and Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart. He is a passionate love advocate who believes there is no force more powerful than love to create real connection and healing in our world. Scott guides transformational breathwork journeys and leads personal empowerment workshops internationally. His inspirational posts have attracted a huge and devoted social media following, including more than 350,000 Facebook fans.

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