Be the CEO of Your Life with Becca Powers

Be the CEO of Your Life with Becca Powers

In this episode, Becca talks about how she became the CEO of her own life by taking charge of her journey. Through prioritizing her mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health she was able to reassess what was important to her and found out that success, health, and happiness can co-exist, if you put your own needs first. Becca learned the hard way through working herself into chronic health conditions that there is a formula to living a life that thrives both personally and professionally.

By shifting focus and applying this formula: "The Self + The Soul + The Success = Success Without Sacrifice" to her life she became more successful yet had more time to do the things she loved. This ultimately changed Becca's life trajectory, resulting in an epic transformation that allowed her to truly become the CEO of her own life and start living a life she loved! Becca is now able to share her journey and the lessons learned as a motivational personal empowerment guide that gives others the tools they need to become the CEO of their own life.

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