How to Gracefully Transition Life's Big Seasons with Certified Professional Career & Life Coach, Maria Tomas Keegan


Life is filled with transitions, and the power to transform them into opportunities lies within you. It’s either you choose to get stuck or thrive from the changes. 

Take it from the passionate Maria Tomas Keegan, a beacon of resilience and emPOWERment, who not only guides others through life's intricate dance but has also personally navigated significant transitions. 

In her journey, Maria has faced changes head-on, choosing not just to adapt but to harness the transformative potential within each shift, turning challenges into opportunities to thrive and help others navigate their changes.

In this episode, I sit down with transition expert Maria Tomas Keegan and delve deeply into the art of thriving through life's transitions. She shares her transformative journey shaped by a 30-year corporate career, advocates for choosing thriving over stagnation, highlights the importance of self-discovery and seeking guidance, and overcoming self-doubt to explore new paths. 

Her message is clear: no one deserves to stay stuck with changes; everyone deserves to thrive!

Thoughts to Empower 

  • “It's so much easier when we have someone that we can trust to talk to.” — Maria Tomas-Keegan
  • “When we share our stories, when we share our experiences, the women who listen, feel like they're not alone.” — Maria Tomas-Keegan
  • “I believe that we are all meant to thrive.” — Maria Tomas-Keegan
  • “In order for us to find our ways toward thriving, we need to get to know who we are.” — Maria Tomas-Keegan
  • “You need someone who has been where you are and knows what the possibilities are for you because they experienced it themselves.” — Maria Tomas-Keegan
  • “We're just not meant to do this hard stuff in this life alone.” — Maria Tomas-Keegan
  • “You need someone who will open up the aperture for you and let you see the possibilities so that you can go explore.” — Maria Tomas-Keegan
  • “It's just so rewarding to witness the transformation that happens for my clients.” — Maria Tomas-Keegan
  • “You don't deserve to stay stuck where you don't belong.” — Maria Tomas-Keegan
  • “It's also emPOWERing to realize that you have a choice.” — Becca Powers
  • “You need someone to not necessarily deal with the past. You need someone to help you with your future.” — Becca Powers
  •  “Your skills are transferable” — Becca Powers

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Maria’s passion for supporting women in their transitions and helping them thrive
  • How a 30-year corporate career and personal loss led her to adapt to changes
  • Choosing between thriving and getting stuck
  • The importance of self-discovery during life’s transitions
  • Why it is essential to seek guidance from someone who can help see possibilities and explore new paths
  • Recognizing one's credentials and experience, and overcoming self-doubt for success
  • Learning that our skills are transferable
  • Maria’s joy in guiding people on their journey through transitions
  • Why we don’t deserve to stay stuck in life

About Maria Tomas-Keegan:

María Tomás-Keegan is not just your average Career & Life Coach for Women; she’s a superheroine for those navigating the “Upside Downs of Life.”

With a 30-year career in corporate management and an impressive collection of life’s plot twists, María knows a thing or two about transitions. Family, career, relationships, caregiving – she’s worn all the hats (and a few wigs) and believes perfection is overrated.

Ever felt like life flipped you upside down and shook you like a snow globe? María’s been there, and she’s turned it into an art form. Her award-winning book, “Upside Down to Right Side Up: Turning Transition into Triumph,” isn’t just a literary achievement; it’s a life manual for those who might occasionally stumble but prefer to make it look like a choreographed dance move.

You can catch her weekly on her live show on TV, YouTube, and podcast channels. “Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap,” offers a guiding light (and maybe a good chuckle) for those finding their way through career upheavals and life’s many twists and turns. Because if life insists on flipping you upside down, you might as well enjoy the view from a different angle!

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