Why Personal Development is Essential to Leadership with Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Vanessa McGovern

Episode 40 - APPROVED

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that compelled you to contemplate giving up your career? 

The weight of such decisions can be indeed stressful and traumatizing. However, acknowledging the transformative potential within difficulties and understanding that the journey isn't always a smooth sail can emPOWER us to make a profound shift in our perspective.

That is the power of personal development—a force that goes beyond overcoming challenges; it extends into shaping you to be resilient leaders, fueling your passion, and fostering success and fulfillment in your career.

In this episode, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Vanessa McGovern shares her personal journey and delves into the transformative impact of personal development in overcoming such obstacles. From building and nurturing passion to enhancing leadership skills, Vanessa unveils the secrets and wisdom she gained along the way, providing valuable lessons and inspiration for those navigating their own professional and personal journeys.

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Thoughts to Empower 

  • “It's all happening for you instead of to you and that there's a gift in it.” — Vanessa McGovern
  • “Entrepreneurship is one big personal development.” — Vanessa McGovern
  • “My role as a leader is to cultivate leaders also.” — Vanessa McGovern
  • “I get out of the way so that I can let others rise on their own.” — Vanessa McGovern
  • “Learning how to lead myself and then inspiring others to lead too.” — Vanessa McGovern
  • “We can easily spiral and it's important to catch yourself and to be self aware.” — Vanessa McGovern
  • “Know that your team needs you to show up in the best possible version of yourself.” — Vanessa McGovern
  • “Honor the personal development journey in your career and seek things that truly set your soul on fire.” — Vanessa McGovern
  • “Find people that believe in you, sometimes when you don't believe in yourself.” — Vanessa McGovern
  • “Travel is a form of self-development and personal development.” — Vanessa McGovern
  • “Even in situations where you can't monetize what you're passionate about, you have to weave passion somehow.” — Becca Powers
  • “I get to choose whether I am going to believe the dialogue or go somewhere else.”  — Becca Powers

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Backstory of how Vanessa became a Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
  • The importance of having circles with similar interests
  • It is possible to build a career from your passion and find success and fulfillment
  • Overcoming career obstacles through personal development 
  • The importance of creating independent space and how codependency hinders members’ growth
  • Recognizing that everything is happening for you, not to you
  • How we show up affects our leadership impact on team members
  • The role of having a support system, and traveling for personal development

About Vanessa McGovern:

Vanessa McGovern, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Gifted Travel Network (GTN), is a fierce advocate for travel advisors, an award-winning industry educator, and a sought-after speaker at various industry events. Vanessa co-founded a host agency that has attracted attention throughout the industry for its innovative approach to supporting and educating successful travel entrepreneurs. 

She is a well-known business coach helping hundreds of travel entrepreneurs to increase profitability and satisfaction with their businesses. Vanessa got her start in the travel industry as an art auctioneer on board cruise ships, where she surpassed multiple sales records and innovated countless programs. She transitioned to the education side of the industry developing and implementing multiple award-winning agent training programs at respected industry organizations. 

In 2009, she was named one of Travel Agent Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 Travel Professionals. Vanessa is extremely passionate about raising the collective profile of the travel advisor and is an active member of the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA). She spearheaded the ASTA’s Advocacy Awareness Day raising thousands of dollars for ASTA PAC. Vanessa lives in North Carolina with her husband, Don, and two kids, Ethan and Ella.

Connect with Vanessa McGovern:

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