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Becca's Podcast, The High Achievers Club

The High Achievers Club will give you the tools you need to breakup with burnout cycles, prioritize yourself so you can thrive personally and professionally, and earn more money than you ever have!

You will learn from Becca, a variety of experts, industry leaders, and other high achievers how you can experience skyrocketing success and live a life that’s freaking amazing -- without sacrifice!

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Becca's Blazing Podcast Trail

Listen to any of  Becca previously recorded podcast appearances here.  As she's interviewed around the globe by various podcast hosts. There are more than 30 to choose from. You can find an episode that resonates with where you are today to help you get to where you want to be tomorrow!

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Through story-telling  of her successes and failures of her 20 year career in business, while being a working mom, Becca delivers  fresh concepts and conversations that leave listeners feeling fired up and ready to create the changes they've been putting off.

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Clip from Real Girl Talk with Cherie Rickard