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Behind the Scene 15: Giving Birth to Art with Guest Ro Ferelli, “Conscious Leadership Coach for Women, Artist, and Kundalini Yogi"
(Episode 4, Oct 2021)

In this episode, we talk about giving birth to art, bringing the idea from just an idea in manifest, kundalini yoga, transformation, and embracing your authentic self.

We highlight one my kundalini transformation stories in chapter 12, and Ro being one my Kundalini sisters, shares her transformation of rebirth from our epic weekend Lifecycles & Lifestyles in our Level 2 Teacher Training. This episode, Giving Birth to Art, is filled with little wisdom nuggets that you won't want to miss!
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Behind the Scene 15: The Importance of Support with Guest AmondaRose Igoe, 6-Figure Speaking Success Strategist,” Award-Winning Speaker Expert and Best-Selling Author

(Episode 3, Sept 2021)

In chapter 11 of my book, Harness Your Inner CEO, I talk about the importance of building what I call an “Executive Dream Team”. This dream team is made up of friends that truly support you, mentors that emulate characteristics you desire, coaches that you invest in to bring you to the next level and identifying public figures that you can follow for inspiration.

Today’s guest, AmondaRose, has been all of those elements for me at some point over the last decade. 

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Behind the Scene 15

Behind the Scene 15: Making the Magic Happen with Guest Lynae LooneyProject Manager and Marketing Extraordinaire for Authors and Small Business Owners - Owner of Diva PM

(Episode 2, Sept 2021)

Have you ever wondered what went on behind the scenes of a book launch? If so, then this episode is for you!

In this interview, you will get a behind the scenes peek at what it took to bring the book to life - beyond the book itself! Exactly why this episode is called: Making the Magic Happen
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Behind the Scene 15: The Permission for AND with Guest Nancy Levin, Master Coach, Best Selling Author, and Founder of Levin Life Coach Academy  

(Episode 1, Sept 2021)

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Or become a coach of some kind? Or even embark on a passion project... and push off doing in now and settle for sometime later? Knowing that later may never actually come...

If so, you are in the right place! In this episode we talk about the Permission of AND. And, how you can work on your dreams now rather than later and still be careered.
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