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Becca Powers has a unique ability to captivate any audience with her boundless enthusiasm and years of experience helping people break patterns that are keeping them stuck and playing small. She empowers even the most disengaged individuals to rise into their personal power, reignite their passion, and relish in prosperity. Becca will transform the way you and your audience approach WorkLife and provide a proven framework to design a life you love!


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Rise Into Your Personal Power, Reignite Your Passion, and Relish in Prosperity

Taking charge of your life is at your fingertips as you take the helm as CEO of the Enterprise of You. In this engagement you and your audience will: 

Rise into Your Personal Power as you learn to assess the health of your operations. You will explore various departments of your life, discover how to set boundaries, and prioritize your well-being - without guilt!

Reignite Your Passions and reactive the dreams that have been laying dormant. Your interests outside of work can set your soul on fire with desire. This spark creates boundless energy and ideas for both your personal and professional goals. This is where the Power of AND lights up your life and your business!

Relish in Prosperity as you embrace your role as CEO of your life, feel reconnected to your passions, and see fiscal rewards of your new position of CEO start to pay off in both expected and unexpected ways, your life will feel like magic... but better!

How Working Parents Can Create a Better Today for  the Children of Tomorrow

According to recent surveys, 98% of working professionals are either in or on the verge of burnout. 

For working parents, this is even a bigger problem because burnout is effecting their ability to be fully present for their children because they are running on empty.

We can create a better tomorrow for the children of today when we gain the know how to breakup with burnout and prevent it from coming back. In this experience you will learn:

The Root Cause of Burnout: The root cause lays in the shadowy center of the human psyche

The 5 Stages of Burnout: Burnout has multiple stages and learning to identify them will help you make more informed decisions.

The Power of Choice: With the power of choice on your side you will go from surviving to thriving - and so will your loved ones!

How Women Can Harness Their Big Ideas and Big Energy for Big Impact

For centuries women have been asked to play small, keep quite, sit in the background, and to be a good girl. i.e. repackage yourself to make others comfortable - or else.

Becca says, F that! It's time to show the world just how powerful we as women are. In this event, you and your audience will be given the permission to harness your:

Big Ideas: You are not crazy, your first in your family to step up.

Big Energy: You are not too much. You are exactly the right amount of extra and we need every drop of it.

Big Impact: You will change the life of others, make a huge difference, and create positive change!

How to Create an Extraordinary Legacy of Impact and Fulfillment

The hamster wheel of life takes over and each day begins to feel like the day before and the day before that. Sound familiar?

What if we were to tell you there is another way. In this engagement, you and your audience will learn:

Let go of Limitations: The Universe is waiting to support you in new and exciting ways when you learn how to let go of what is no longer serving you.

Tap Into Your Unlimited Potential: Underneath the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety is a dream chaser ready for more. There is a part of you that when activated is so powerful it will light the freakin' cosmos!

Soar Into Your Success: Shed the skin of other people's expectations and let your dreams become reality!

How to leverage team thinking for next level innovation and industry disruption

It's hard to be innovative and lead industry disruption when today's best practices are based up decade old data and beliefs. Top performing teams do what other teams don't - they rethink what's possible and how to get there. 

The Art of Rethinking is perfect for high performance teams, leadership summits, or offsite strategy sessions. In this experience you and your team will learn:

Break the Silence: Find out why team members don't share their ideas 

Sharing is Caring: How to create a space where no idea is a bad idea

Embrace Change: Innovation and new ways of thinking lead you and your business into industry disruptive

Stop Chasing the Impossible and Start Claiming Your Health, Harmony, and Happiness Today

"Oh, the sweet feeling of balance" is a statement that is only uttered out of monks and sages - and they probably know that it's BS! 

In the world of juggling between work, raising a family, more meetings and projects that you can count, taking care of aging parents, and some how trying to meal plan and workout all in the name of balance. You feel like your failing before you even start. This is not your fault, it's how balance has been taught...until now!

In this event, you and your audience will learn to look at balance from a new perspective. One that includes:

Health: Prioritizing your well-being first then others

Harmony: Feeling how things feel in your body 

Happiness: Giving yourself permission to feel joy just because

Hear What Others Are Saying!


Breakup with Burnout was a delivered keynote for the 2022 Sandtray Summit, a conference for specialized therapists in modality with in play therapy called sandtray.


You Are the CEO of Your Life was delivered keynote at Deciphera, a pharmaceutical company, for their 2022 employee appreciation day.


Balance is Bullsh*t was a delivered virtual workshop for Dell Technologies, a global technology giant, for a 2022 employee resource group session.


Becca delivered a mini burnout keynote to private leadership group in 2022. Delivery style was open form and interactive with members.

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