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Becca Powers has a unique ability to captivate any audience with her boundless enthusiasm and years of experience helping people break patterns that are keeping them stuck and playing small. She empowers even the most disengaged individuals to rise into their personal power, reignite their passion, and relish in prosperity. Becca will transform the way you and your audience approach WorkLife and provide a proven framework to design a life you love!


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Take Charge and Create an Epic Life of Success and Fulfillment

Unleash your inner CEO and seize the reins of your life with this exhilarating keynote!

Say goodbye to playing small and embrace your role as the fearless, powerful leader of your life’s journey. Fuel your passions and prosperity, while mastering energy, time, and decision-making. Discover your unique strengths and talents to propel yourself toward your dreams, banishing self-doubt along the way. With an invigorating boost, this high-energy keynote promises to be your personal success squad, guiding you to craft a life of authenticity, fulfillment, and limitless possibilities. Get ready to rewrite the rules, elevate your potential, and step into a world epic success and fulfillment! 🔥

Keynote Takeaways:

  • Gain the tools to take charge and create a life of epic success and fulfillment.
  • Learn how giving yourself permission to put yourself first is the secret sauce to life.
  • Discover your unique strengths and talents to propel you towards your dreams.
  • Build your executive dream team, create new policies, and unleash your potential.
  • Open the prosperity flood gates and relish in life that is abundant in all areas!

This Keynote is Perfect for: Employee empowerment, sales kick offs, women in business, conference and corporate events that are looking to uplift their audience with energy and “I can do it” attitude for next level growth in the individuals and the business.


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The Working Professional’s Guide to Rocking Your Energy, Success, and Self-Care

Unlock your roadmap to Rockstar success and unstoppable energy with this powered up keynote!

Shift into high gear and blaze your trail to rockstar success without burning out! Join us for a turbo-charged ride as we unveil The 5 Stages of Burnout and trade them for unstoppable energy, mind-blowing achievements, and guilt-free self-care. Wave goodbye to burnout and hello to mastering time, energy, and success. The 5 pillars of The POWER Method will keep you zooming towards your dreams with confidence and style. Ready to conquer the fast lane of success while taking care of yourself? Buckle up and let’s roll!

Your gratitude is our fuel – thank us later. 😉

Keynote Takeaways:

  • Rev up and hit the fast lane of success with unstoppable energy and self-care
  • Uncover The 5 Stages of Burnout and say goodbye to sleepless nights.
  • Learn guilt-free self-care for recharging your batteries for more time, space, and energy.
  • Put the pedal to the metal and claim your spot to thrive in the fast lane of your life.
  • Fuel your way to epic success and fulfillment without burning out!

This Keynote is Perfect for: Workplace burnout, employee empowerment, team builders, women in business, and conference and corporate events that are looking to give their audience practical tools for avoiding burnout and hitting their next level of success without sacrificing their well-being.

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Transform Your Success Into a Message that Matters

Elevate from goal conqueror to legacy creator in this electrifying keynote!

Dive into the essence of thought leadership – it's not just about success, it's about making waves that truly matter. Channel your CEO confidence, infuse your message with mountain-moving magic, and get ready to own the spotlight with charisma that rivals rock 'n' roll legends.

Join us on this high-voltage journey to redefine success and become a trailblazing maestro of meaningful impact! 🚀

Keynote Takeaways:

  • Elevate from a high achiever to a thought leader with a message that matters.
  • Transform your success into a legacy of lasting impact.
  • Uncover your authentic voice and craft a soul-stirring message.
  • Learn to resonate with others and ignite a fire within them.
  • Step into the spotlight to make a difference that truly impacts others and your business!

This Keynote is Perfect for: Corporate personal branding/thought leadership initiatives, sales kick offs, leadership summits, women in business, and conference and corporate events that are looking to give their audience practical tools for shifting over and beyond their current success persona into an inspiring thought leader with a message that matters.

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The Power Method to Reignite Your Spark, Reveal Your Inner Strengths, and Rise Into Soul-Aligned Success

Step into your spotlight and let your radiance dazzle!

Unlock soul-aligned success, reignite passions, and align with purpose. This dynamic keynote isn't just about you – it's a radiant ripple effect that transforms lives. Lead authentically, connect deeply, and make an impact. Strut out as the regal boss, conquering with newfound radiance.

Embrace your uniqueness, rise into greatness – your VIP ticket to brilliance awaits! 🎟️

Keynote Takeaways:

  • Learn how to step into the spotlight of your life and unleash your brilliance.
  • Reveal hidden strengths, boost confidence, and align with soul-align success.
  • Reclaim passions, align with purpose, and silence your inner critic.
  • Discover the ripple effect your radiance can have on those around you.
  • Shine like the star you were born to be and embrace soul-aligned success!

This Keynote is Perfect for: Conscious corporate cultures, team builders, leadership summits, women in business, and conference and corporate events that are looking to give their audience practical tools for reclaiming the truth of who they are and expressing those strengths in a way the catapults them into soul-aligned success that is out of this world.

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Game-Changing Strategies to Conquer the Crazy and Embrace the Calm

Ditch the balance myth and groove to the beat of life in our invigorating talk, "Balance is Bullshit."

Join us for a high-octane journey where you'll conquer chaos with style, amplify your passions, and master the art of unapologetic self-care. Say goodbye to guilt, embrace the calm, and trade balance for harmony as you step into the spotlight of your own success story.

Get ready to jam and rewrite the rules – your dynamo transformation starts now! 🧨

Keynote Takeaways:

  • Say goodbye to guilt and hello to unapologetic self-care and success.
  • Discover your personal rhythm and rewrite the narrative on your terms.
  • Practical tips to keep your sanity while juggling work deadlines and family commitments.
  • Swap balance for harmony and rock your goals without sacrificing your ambitions.
  • Set boundaries, say "no" like a pro, and make time for what truly lights you up.

This Keynote is Perfect for: Workplace burnout, employee empowerment, team builders, women in business, and conference and corporate events that are looking to give their audience practical tools for prioritizing their well-being and helping them be ambitious without burning out.

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Leveraging Team Thinking for Next Level Innovation and Industry Disruption

Unleash innovation and catapult your team into creative brilliance! 

Journey into a cosmic explosion of creativity where leadership meets innovation, waving goodbye to dull sessions and embracing uncharted creativity. In a realm where ideas flow like rivers and ingenuity shines like stars, obliterate the box, ignite audacious dreams, and channel your squad's genius.

This is no ordinary talk; it's a symphony of strategy, a dance of audacity, and a revolution of rethinking. ☄️

Keynote Takeaways:

  • Encourage team members to think outside the box without fear of judgment.
  • Harness the power of team thinking and ignite a fire within your squad.
  • Strut out like strategy badasses, ready to disrupt the industry with innovation.
  • Identify barriers preventing your team from sharing and encourage them to speak up.
  • Challenge the status quo in the spirit of growth and leave a trail of innovation.

This Keynote is Perfect for: Corporate team builders, project teams, leadership summits, women in business, and conference and corporate events that are looking to give their audience practical tools and concepts for breaking the status quo and unleashing ideas for innovation and growth.

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Hear What Others Are Saying!


Breakup with Burnout was a delivered keynote for the 2022 Sandtray Summit, a conference for specialized therapists in modality with in play therapy called sandtray.


You Are the CEO of Your Life was delivered keynote at Deciphera, a pharmaceutical company, for their 2022 employee appreciation day.


Balance is Bullsh*t was a delivered virtual workshop for Dell Technologies, a global technology giant, for a 2022 employee resource group session.


Becca delivered a mini burnout keynote to private leadership group in 2022. Delivery style was open form and interactive with members.

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