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You Are the CEO of Your Life

This might come as a shocker but you are the CEO of your life. It's not your boss, your partner, your mom, your kids, or your schedule - it's you!

Coming of the coattails of her newly released, debuting best-selling book, Harness Your Inner CEO, this signature talk is a getting a lot of attention.

Because...taking helm over the Enterprise of YOU is no small feat. It requires courage, conviction, and consistency. With concentrated effort and some guidance, your life can thrive both personally and professionally - beyond your wildest dreams.

In this signature talk, Becca explains how becoming the CEO of your life will change your trajectory.

Through a 3-part process which she refers to as "The 3 P's", Becca empowers her audience to take charge of their lives one "P" at a time.

Becca's 3-Parts to Harnessing Your Inner CEO are:

  • Rise to into your Personal Power
  • Reignite Your Passion
  • Relish in Prosperity
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Speaker Topics You Are The CEO of Your Life
Speaker Topics Success without Sacrifice

Success Without Sacrifice

The secret to sustainable success is not working yourself to death. Ok, that may be extreme but not by much. Stress is the six leading cause of death in United States and 75% of doctor's visit are stress related according to the American Psychological Association.

Becca has learned from working herself into chronic health conditions - that included her hair falling out in clumps - that true success does not require self-sacrifice.

She teaches the audience her acclaimed "Success Without Sacrifice Formula".

The Self + The Soul + The Success = Success Without Sacrifice

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 Breakup With Burnout

Burnout is impacting both the people and profits of Corporate America. Recent surveys show that over 50% of the workforce is burnt out. The collective lost revenue from burnout is $1 trillion dollars.

A contributing factor is the push on work/life balance. This push focuses on blocking our calendars to included: Zoom meetings, fitness, meditating, work, taco Tuesday, play time with the kids, etc. This attempt at balance leaves us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and on the verge of burnout.

Becca challenges her audience to measure balance by how they feel rather than what they think they should be doing. Becca guides her audience to measure balance by these 3 things:

  • Harmony
  • Happiness
  • Health
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Speaker Topics Breakup with Burnout
Speaker Topics Women's Worth at WOrk

Women's Worth in the Workplace

While it is more common to see women in the workplace, it's not as common to see a woman own her worth at work. Here's an example..

Women statistically won't apply for a new role or a promotion until they are close to 100% match. Where as their male counterparts will apply if they are 60% or greater.

Why is this? Because men, generally speaking, have more confidence.

Along with the confidence, men are still earning more than women who are in the same role.

Becca takes women through her framework "The Ladder of Self-Worth" to show women how they prioritize themselves has a lot to do with the outcomes they receive. Becca empowers her audience to reorganize their own Ladder of Self-Worth. Because when a woman increases her self-worth her net worth also increases.

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