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Become a Certified Thought Leader!

If you ready to take you, your business, and the people you serve to the next level then this certification is for you. Becca's certifies you in her signature program, The Thought Leadership Academy. You will learn what it takes to transform your success into a message that matters and uplifts others - both in and outside of your line of business. Ultimately, elevating you from a leader, high achiever, or goal crusher to a thought leader in your industry. It's time to increase your impact and unleash your potential. You were meant for more.

Text THOUGHT LEADER to 561.827.3800 to speak to someone from Team Becca. 

Private Strategy Sessions with Becca

Are you an executive, an entrepreneur, or high achiever looking for clarity and some help with strategy for your life and business goals. Becca offers one hour or half day private sessions to help you unlock the next level of your fulfillment and success.

  • 1 Power Hour Strategy Session @ $555
  • 4 Hour Strategy Session @ $1995

Text STRATEGY to 561.827.3800 to get started!

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