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About The emPOWERed Coaching Experience

The emPOWERed Private Coaching Experience is an 8-week program that is Becca's signature framework. This program is a 3-part process that focuses on the shadow, the self, and the soul. Ultimately, leading you to an outcome of skyrocketing success! Here's what you can expect:

Part 1: The Shadow

Becca starts the program by leaning into her expertise in shadow beliefs, trauma awareness,  and burnout. She takes her knowledge of the shadowy side of our human experience to help you break up with toxic patterns that have been holding you back from your career goals, passion projects, next-level income desires, and the overall life enjoyment you have been craving!

Part 2: The Self

Becca then takes what she has learned through the trials of triumphs in her career as a 20-year Fortune 500 Sales Executive and life coaching skills to help you prioritize yourself, your well-being, and your self-worth. She will help implement boundaries, ownership, and values to help you thrive beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Part 3: The Soul

Becca then guides you to return to the radicalness of your radiance and reignite the fire within. As a level two kundalini yoga teacher and chakra and energy expert, Becca uses many of the mystical techniques she has acquired to help you reconnect with the part of you the unlimited, unshakeable, and when unleashed damn straight unstoppable!

emPOWERed Private Coaching Overview - Investment at $2497

This is an 8-week coaching experience where you work exclusively with Becca. The weekly curriculum builds upon the week prior. Each session will last approximately 90 minutes. You will have a private online portal inclusive of a workbook. emPOWERed Private Coaching will skyrocket you into the results you have looking for!

  • You will learn the tools you need to step into the truth of who you really are.
  • You will gain the skills needed to experience the deliciousness that life has to offer to allow you to have your cake and eat it too!
  • Your potential, your prosperity, and your passions are waiting for you to lean into your power and claim the life you have been dreaming of -- what are you waiting for, let's do this!
  • Magic, miracles, and more of everything you want are right on the other side of being stuck and stagnant. You will be guided to take inspired action and you will learn how to co-create your dream life with The Universe!
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