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Are You a Powerhouse Yet Sometimes Feel Powerless as a Leader?

Leadership is perhaps one of trickiest roles within an organization. You are required to provide direction and clarity to the team and unwavering commitment to the business. Yet often times you lack the proper compensation, support, and  consideration you need produce record-breaking results - without getting burnout.

Meet Vanessa, a Chief Sales Officer, and a powerhouse. She has the type of energy, enthusiasm, and influence to lead people into their greatness. Yet at the end of the day, she wasn't receiving the same energy back - in the form of compensation - that she was putting out to the organization. Many leaders tolerate feeling undercompensated, underappreciated, and underresourced because they believe in their business and they are passionate about it. Overtime that strength turns to sacrifice and that sacrifice impacts their self-worth. Even the most powerful of leaders fall victim to powering through and just dealing with their circumstances. Listen to Vanessa's story and how she was able reboot her self-worth and as a result, boost her net worth. 

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Change begins within...Becca bravely shares her trials and triumphs as she navigate the rollercoaster of life - both personally and professionally. Her story is written in such a way that it inspires you to apply the lessons learned to your own life. Resulting in an epic transformation!

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