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From entry level corporate roles to high performing sales teams to mid-level management to executive engagement, Becca has empowered audiences of all shapes and sizes. Whether it's 10, 100, or 1000+ in the audience, Becca delivers an energized and engaging experience that leaves attendees inspired to make positive change.

Harness Your Inner CEO Workshop has several different options with all of them being CUSTOMIZABLE  to meet the event needs. 

The ABC'S to Why Becca is the Right Speaker for Your Event:

Authentic -Real, raw, and relatable.

Bold - Says what needs to be said.

Confident - Her vivacious energy and enthusiasm inspires others to create positive change.

Workshop Options

Becca's  workshop, Harness Your Inner CEO, comes complete with a workbook that is a companion to her best-seller, Harness Your Inner CEO.

Workshops include:

  • 1hr or 2hr Options
  • Half-day or Full-day Options
  • Customizable to meet the event needs
  • Personalized Book Signing (only with bulk book order)
  • Harness Your Inner CEO Workbook (only with half-day or full-day options)

Bulk Book Ordering Options

Bulk book orders are available for paperback and hardcover.

  • Paperback Bulk Order for Set of 10 is $100 (Savings of $49.50)
  • Hardcover Bulk Order for Set of 10 is $175 (Savings of $74.50)
  • Note: Please allow 10 days for shipping within U.S. 

Harness Your Inner CEO: Rise Into Your Power, Passion, and Prosperity

This might come as a shocker but you are the CEO of your life. It's not your boss, your partner, your mom, your kids, or your schedule - it's you!

Coming of the coattails of her newly released, debuting best-selling book, Harness Your Inner CEO, this signature talk is a getting a lot of attention.

Because...taking helm over the Enterprise of YOU is no small feat. It requires courage, conviction, and consistency. With concentrated effort and some guidance, your life can thrive both personally and professionally - beyond your wildest dreams.

 In this workshop, Becca explains how becoming the CEO of your life will change your trajectory. Becca than takes each participant through her step-by-step process to help them rise into the helm of the personal enterprise.

 Through a 3-part process which she refers to as "The 3 P's", Becca empowers her audience to take charge of their live one "P" at a time.

Becca's 3-Parts to Harnessing Your Inner CEO are:

  • Rise to into your Personal Power
  • Reignite Your Passion
  • Relish in Prosperity
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