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E-Book Harness Your Inner CEO

You shouldn't have to choose between success and happiness!

Juggling exhausting workdays, managing kids, and giving your relationship more care than you give yourself is a recipe for misery. Instead of enjoying the fruits of your labor, you feel tired, unhealthy, and joyless.

Fortune 500 sales executive Becca Powers knows this feeling all too well. She was missing out on motherhood by prioritizing her career first. After overworking herself into autoimmune disease and anxiety disorders, her self-worth plummeted. The universe was delivering one clear message: things were f%cked and needed to change.

The life of your dreams shouldn't come at an unsustainable price. Harness Your Inner CEO illustrates Becca's journey from a toxic work environment, stress at home, and emotional rock bottom to living a thriving, prosperous life. With this practical yet spiritual guide for women in business, empower the confident CEO within and love life again with unstoppable prosperity and passion – without sacrificing yourself.

You'll discover:

  • The AWTaF Method, a four-step strategy to help you pause, recalibrate, reconsider, and invite possibility.
  • Your current Ladder of Self-Worth – and how to activate confidence by reorganizing its rungs and your growth mindset.
  • A goal-based Vision List to find your fire, push past discomfort, and power up every day with healthier habits for productivity.
  • Personal "AND" statements to bust through constricting stereotypes and embrace the strong woman you are, unapologetically.
  • Tips to build a dream team that supports your new vision for your world.

As boss of your own enterprise, you can master both your magic and your messy. Get Harness Your Inner CEO and realign yourself to create a lifestyle that thrives!

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